Friday, January 29, 2010

I am SO glad I didn't kill myself yesterday!!

Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Please Stop, or I'll have to throw my Coke in your face!"

My Girl, Katy Perry put the ever annoying, Kara Dioguardi on Idol last night in her place! AND- I loved every second of it! I've disliked Kara from the first episode I saw her in-she seems like she's putting on a show. She's the type of woman who will for sure embarrass her children one day at a formal event. I didn't even know her actual name until a few days ago. I just called her, "that other girl".....


Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Check in

I've got a few pressing things going on, and I'm sorry I'm a little behind on posts-I have my 'Penny Advice' Post going up for tomorrow-BUT-I wanted to give ya'll a little look at one of the things I'm working on besides school/work stuff- It's the 'Fancy Nancy' Cupcakes for a friend's daughter's Birthday this Saturday!
I've got Gum Paste Lady Bugs,
Rings that are decorated to look like flowers,
tiny flowers,
and other things like butterflies and chocolate shoes that I'll show more of in a couple days! I HAVE been video taping all the steps of working on these cupcakes, so I'll have that up as a video tutorial soon. I also have one of the Ornament Cupcakes I did in December, but part of it was erased, so I need to tape that and add it to the tutorial. :)
Everybody having a good week?! Did you see Katy Perry on American Idol?! I DID! :)

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Dat: Cajun slang for "that"

My Daddzo is Dat Man, and pretty much a big deal.
"FEAR NOT, good citizens!
Dat Man is here to protect the innocent and keep peace among men and Crawfish alike. I fight crime and Gators in Louisiana with a Po-Boy in one hand and a Gator tooth in the other...unless there's a free sample booth at the Praline Shop. At that point, you're on your own. Those magical morsels are Dat Man Kryptonite.

Thursday, January 21, 2010

SO wrong!

Kittle Warning: language, gyration, and a crazy little Asian nugget. :) of 1 to 10-How much credibility do I lose for liking this song by Tila Tequila?

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Gym, Tan, Laundry!

Jersey Shore Cast Spoof themselves. I LOVE it!!!

Guess What!!

As you may already know, 2010 is the year I plan to discover and make the "Perfect Cupcake".
AND- Today, I found the lovely lady responsible for creating the cupcake with a gum paste rose that made me want to seek out a perfect one of my own!
It's by the fabulous madame at 2 Stews!

You are the Obi Won to my Luke, 2 Stews! WOWZA!!

Monday, January 18, 2010


Little Natalie: "Mama, How do they make cupcakes?!"
Mom: "They take fairies and squeeze them for juice just like they do with oranges for orange juice. Then, they add flour and some sprinkles."
Little Natalie: "...."
Mom: "It's the circle of life. You had to find out some time." :)
I love you, cute little cuppy cakes! So fem! So Tasha Tudor! So vintage Martha! Cupcakes via asahellgren
AND! Ahhh!!! Brand new video of 'If We Ever Meet Again' by Timbaland Featuring KATY PERRY!


Last thing: Go check out
THIS post I have! I've started doing a weekly "Penny Advice" post, and I want some anonymous(or not so anonymous) situations to work on! It's just like a "Dear Debbie" and will go up every Friday.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Penny Advice Friday: Forgiveness

I've gotten a few "advice" questions in the time I've been blogging, and I'm officially going to start answering one of them a week. It will be on Fridays, and will cover relationships(significant others, families, kids) as well as grief, work, and personality types, etc.
I'll need a question to answer each week, so leave me an anonymous comment if you don't want to be identified. No topic is off limits, so ask anything! You can also send me an e-mail(all info is confidential and will be deleted after I read it...I won't even tell Jasmine).
Baby Jasmine forgives
Disclaimer: I am currently a grad student in Clinical Psychology-I'm not a doctor or a licensed counselor, and what I say is purely novice advice with a bit of study thrown in. I find it disrespectful to the world of Psychology when people do not go to the highest level of learning, get experience before telling others what to do with any authority. I wouldn't go to a surgeon who had an "honorary doctorate" or has not absorbed every piece of knowledge possible. Any short comings in the therapist will transfer to the patient. You're dealing with people and the human mind-there is no wiggle room. That's why I'm calling this an "advice" post. So-If something is weighing on your mind, let me know and I will relay to you and others my 'Penny is not a doctor" advice! :)

Snooki Forgives

Today's Topic: Forgiveness
Here we go-
The collection of habits and conditioned responses that renders us unique serves as a kind of gyroscope, lending our responses to life a predictability that is of value both to us and to those who seek to know us. Our former selves can also serve as a sort of anchor, providing stability while sometimes inhibiting adaptation to new circumstances.
Few of us had ideal childhoods. It is easy to get caught up in self-definitions that involve past traumas as explanations for why our lives are not what we wish. The problem with living in the past is that it inhibits change and is therefore inherently pessimistic.
Certainly it is true that understanding who we are depends on paying attention to the history of our lives. This is why any useful psychotherapy includes telling this story. Somewhere between ignoring the past and wallowing in it there is a place where we can learn from what has happened to us, including the inevitable mistakes we have made, and integrate this knowledge into our plans for the future. Inevitably, this process requires some exercises in forgiveness--that is, giving up grievances to which we are entitled.
Widely confused with forgetting or reconciliation, forgiveness is neither. It is not something we do for others; it is a gift to ourselves. It exists, as does all true healing, at the intersection of love and justice.
Apple computer cupcakes forgive
To acknowledge that we have been harmed by another but choose to let go of our resentment or wishes for retribution requires a high order of emotional and ethical maturity. It is a way of liberating ourselves from a sense of oppression and a hopeful statement of our capacity for change. If we can relinquish the preoccupations and pseudo-explanations that are rooted in the past, we are free to choose the attitudes with which we confront the present and future. This involves an exercise of consciousness and determination that is a certain antidote to the feelings of helplessness and anxiety that underlie most of our unhappiness.
Pastries forgive
As we contemplate the inevitable losses that we have had to integrate into our lives, the way we grieve and the meaning that we assign to our experience determine how we face the future.
EVERYONE you meet screws up royally-If they haven't messed up and hurt you even a tiny amount yet, be assured it WILL happen and YOU will be the one who will be asking for forgiveness too. When you forgive someone very close to you, it should be a learning experience and help you understand the real person. If you want to help your relationships, protect the person your with even when you feel person strongly-so many people deserve to be forgiven.

Don't let the past limit you with it's main henchmen-FEAR!

Monday, January 11, 2010

If it hurts, just deal with it!

You should try this one at home! The Secret to Relaxation!
During a rehearsal break from the school musical-"Annabell Lee"-about a recently deceased teen who spiraled out of control with drugs, prostitution, and the night club scene--The Summer Heights High Drama Teacher, Mr G, teaches us to relax.
First, Take a seat on the floor, and lay back! If I step on your hair, just take it! Shhh! Trust me!
Now Press PLAY on the video below!

Remain with your eyes shut, and feeling relaxed, then sit up in your own time.
Wiggle your toes!

I don't know how to put this but I'm kind of a big deal. I have many leather-bound books and my apartment smells of rich mahogany.

Good news!
I may be doing some Princess Cupcakes for a friend's daughter's Birthday party! Not like a paid gig cuz- as some of you may already know-I don't do baking for cash-just as a hobby AND I probably couldn't do it as a job if I wanted to cuz I work very slowly while baking-I listen to music and take my time. It's a way to relax for me.
Anywho- Here are just some pics of Princess themed items and baked goods I found on the web. I'm looking for as many ideas as I can so I can make the CUTEST cakes possible for this sweet munchkin(She's 5 or 6-can't remember which right now), so PLEASE comment and give me ANY ideas you have!! I would be eternally grateful!! Even general ideas that aren't specific like, "fairy godmothers", or "Princess Diana" that might inspire the creative process would be great!
There are NO useless ideas, so leave em for me, and know you're contributing to a great cause---
One day, Jasmine and I will rule the cupcake universe with an iron fist!! HAHA!! :)
Not that I condone being a dictator of all things sweet...or fascism...or any -ism for that matter. -Ism's in my opinion are not good. A person should not believe in an -ism, he should believe in himself. I quote John Lennon, "I don't believe in Beatles, I just believe in me." Good point there. After all, he was the walrus. I could be the walrus.

Saturday, January 9, 2010

SO excited!

I can't wait to see "The Runaways' movie! I'm a fan of the group! Kristen Stewart is starring as Joan Jett, and her dry personality which was shown in...well..BOTH 'twilight' AND 'NewMoon' seems to me to have left her. I think she is actually going to be "C'est magnifique" in this one!
Am I the only one anticipating the movie?

Prepare to see TWO amazing things!

FIRST, I want to share that I have acquired the 'Cupcake Holy Grails'- The Large Cupcake Icing Tips!
In the picture above- from left to right they are, 1) Large Open Star Tip 2) Large French Tip 3) Large Round Tip
I had SO much trouble finding these-they aren't at any hobby stores, and they DON'T come in the Wilton full icing tip set...I have no idea why not. I couldn't even find them on-line! They aren't normal sized tips. They measure about 3/4" at the end, and are made to do some serious icing! :)
Here are just a couple of pics I took of what they can do...
Round tip
French tip
If you compare this quality with the bumpy inconsistency I was getting when I only had a snipped icing bag or zip lock to use as a round tip, here....
The difference is incredible. I mean- For SERIOUSLY! LOOK at this!
If you want to make your baking look instantly professional, Google "wholesale baking supplies" in your city and go pick some of these tips up! Mine were $1.99 a piece, and made by Ateco.

The SECOND thing, I want to share is the INCREDIBLE package I got from my dear friend, and fellow blogger, Amanda!
She sent me a PINK, handmade cupcake apron made by The Handmaiden's Cottage!
The pocket even had my blog name-'Penny Lane'- accented with the fabulous name of her bakery-'The Fancy Lady Gourmet'! I adore it, and wore it already to do the cupcakes pictured above, but I didn't have makeup on, so no pics--tho I will of course take some for my next batch!
She also sent me this cupcake plate that is already in it's place on my dresser! SO cute, right?!
I LOVE them Amanda! You are my cupcake cherub! :)
And-Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words on my last post during this difficult time. :) I guess I will just have to watch more of his stand up to judge more fairly if he's really funny, and trust that he must be a really great family guy if Katy and her family love him...tho it will be hard for me...... :)

Many hugs to everyone! Did ya'll get anything exceptional over the Holidays that you'd like to share?! I'd love to know!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Are you there God?! It's me, Penny.

You need to do something! My girl, Katy Perry....
is engaged to......THIS!
Russell Brand-The British "comic" whose arsenal of sub par jokes is second in lameness only to his "I just stuck my finger in a live wall socket" hair do. I think he looks like a Daddy Long Legs Spider. The 34-year-old comedian reportedly proposed during a spiritual ceremony in India on New Year's Eve, and the relationship was blessed by a "love guru".
NO!!!!!! He's ALL wrong!! Click HERE if you want to read my first rant on this toxic man/spider!
They've only been dating for like- 4 months... Here's a time line video of their "relationship".
If the wedding actually happens, I will support my fav singer's choice-and I will TRY to find good things about him...tho it will probably be difficult. I promise not to go suffocate him with a pillow like many would expect...but keep some bail money on hand, and make sure to answer your phone no matter what hour of night in case I snap. :)
I really dislike this guy- I don't think he's funny-or interesting. Most of the stand up routines I've seen of his rely on being crass more than truly funny. I don't mind cussing, but it's stupid if the joke doesn't need it.(FYI: I feel this way with writing too-I'm so over reading some 16 year old main character dropping F-bombs like it's Hiroshima. It's like, "Your character ISN'T a gang member-WHY are they talking like one?!" For SERIOUSLY!)
Back on track tho- As much as it pains me, I DO have to admit-Katy and Russell look pretty cute in these pics.
In the February Glamour Magazine issue, Perry, whose parents were preachers before she became a pop star, explained why she fell in love with Brand, who at one time admitted to being a sex addict, and noted that she may have found her match in the once-wild funnyman.

"A vocabulary! He could slay anybody with the things that he says. He doesn't even need his fists," she said of her favorite Brand qualities, adding, "When I find a partner who is my teammate. I'm not going to play by any rules, I'm just going to go with my heart. Why wait? I just wrote a song [that goes], 'They say it's hard to meet your match/ Gotta find my other half so we can make a perfect shape.' "

Katy will always be awesome to me-no matter how long she has that tape worm of a man stalking her! Here are a couple of other questions Glamour asked her that really show WHY she's one of the artists I love most! She exemplifies the saying, Never Give Up! Never Surrender!!

GLAMOUR: When you moved to L.A.(when she first started out in music outside of the Christian music industry) Was it a rough time?

KP: I had two cars repossessed, tons of debt. I had a horrible job [critiquing music demos] that was damaging to my soul. After being on three different labels and knowing everyone and hearing yeses and nos and “You’re it!” or “You’re s—t!” I was depressed. But I never took no for an answer and really believed in myself.

GLAMOUR: Where does that determination come from?

KP: Maybe I’m competitive. I just feel like I have this gift that I’ve been given. It’s like, “Someone unwrap it! Here it is!” That drive can’t be held down. I have a lot of ambition.

Read the whole interview with Katy here.

Does anyone else dislike Brand like me?! My BFF, Kaylynn, says he's funny and I'm judging him too harshly...but I dunno...I had never really heard of him before he started dating her, and even now I don't care to listen to him speak.

OH! and come by tomorrow cuz I got a couple of surprises yesterday that I'm PRETTY excited about, and I'm gonna take some pics to show ya'll! :)

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

You're Gonna Do What?!

I've spent time thinking of goals to set for the year. I don't think the New Years resolutions are lame-it's just a motivation tool, and when has that ever been a bad thing?! :)
I know most people don't agree with me, but I'm all for em-couldn't hurt...unless u pay for a full year of gym punishment! :)
My Resolutions:
1) Pursue my quest to make the perfect cupcake. It's daunting, dangerous, and takes a lot of cash-but I've been training to decorate them on rolls of bread, cups, fruit, and Jasmine's head-so I guess you could say I'm pretty confident. It's good to practice anywhere you go-and I once read that Eminem wrote many rap hits while riding on a bus before he was famous. If he can do it, I can too. I take icing and marzipan seriously! It's a bigger deal than airport security. FYI- I JUST found the source blogger for the above "Perfect Cupcake"-It's by the lovely lady blogger at 2 Stews. I recommend checking out her work since-compared to me-She's Obi Wan and I'm a young Jedi. Teach me the ways of the Force!!
2) Do everything I can to land an incredible and well connected literary agent for my manuscript. Fingers crossed and anthrax ready to send to those who reject me!
Debra signing her agent contract
3) Make all A's in my grad school Psychology classes.(one day I'll be able to tell you if your crazy or not, and I'll get paid for it!!
"You hate cats?! Get out of my office!"
4) Show all the people i love how much they mean to me. They could be gone in an instant, and I hope the last words I say to them are "I love you." :)
What resolutions did ya'll decide to do?

Saturday, January 2, 2010

Get Off The Phone!

Jasmine- 3:07 PM: "Grandma just called and said you're supposed to leave. She said she doesn't want you here when she gets back because you've been ruining everybody's lives! And bring me an apple on your way out! The green one-not that bruised red one."
Penny: "Get off the phone!!! ...Why are you using my phone?! You have your own!"
Jasmine: "The i-phone is difficult with my paws."
Penny: "Well maybe you should have thought about that before asking me to wait outside OVERNIGHT in a TENT next to some college kid with what looked A LOT like the beginnings of jaundice to have one of the first ones, and making me spend 200 dollars just so you could say, "I have an i-phone!" before everybody else...You even knocked over the Joseph in the nativity scene after you didn't get the Bose stereo you wanted for Christmas, and I didn't say ANYTHING!.....and NOW you're calling Grandma and trying to have me evicted.......on MY phone?!!!"
Jasmine: "APPLE!"