Saturday, January 9, 2010

SO excited!

I can't wait to see "The Runaways' movie! I'm a fan of the group! Kristen Stewart is starring as Joan Jett, and her dry personality which was shown in...well..BOTH 'twilight' AND 'NewMoon' seems to me to have left her. I think she is actually going to be "C'est magnifique" in this one!
Am I the only one anticipating the movie?


lotusgirl said...

I hadn't heard about it, but it looks interesting. I didn't recognize Kristen Stewart at first. Cool. I love it when actors can make themselves over. She looks a good bit like Joan Jett.

DebraLSchubert said...

Nope, now I am, too!!!!!

Brigitte said...

So that's what all the talk was about!
I actually think this is a good role for Kristen. She has the messed-up rockstar droopy eyes look. and now i know the reason for that disgusting hairdo. XD

I'll be looking forward to this as well. I'm a HUGE Dakota Fanning fan. I support her all the way. C:
Totally stole the show in New Moon, too.


Jenna said...

I hadn't heard about it, but now I have and it looks great! I probably won't be able to catch it in theaters, but definitely on DVD. :)

Bimbo147 said...

I saw the trailer and I LOVE the look of the movie!Dakota Fanning is in the movie as well and she and Kristen share a kiss!Please check out my new blog.Its part fiction.I have a character idea in it and a story extract!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Now I feel old when my favorite bands' stories are being made into movies starring people half my age!