Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My nails aren't "appropriate" for work?
...What kind of sick, cruel world do we live in?!

Monday, March 28, 2011


We were simple soldiers both He and I
Serving our country with fire in our eye
We chose to serve because we believed
Oh how young men can be deceived
We suffered the heat, we suffered the rain
We suffered the stress
As our governments continued to press
We watched our friends come, we watched them die
We watched as our governments continued to lie,
As the years passed then until now
I sit and wonder how, circle after circle
Man continues to travel, fighting for this
And fighting for that, we should ask ourselves
Fighting for what,
We met on the battlefield, he and I
Now he is gone and I constantly wonder why
We were used to carry out some others folly
Now he is gone and I am left alone to wonder
And cringe when I hear the thunder
My thoughts go back to long ago times
I see the faces of people that really mattered
My friends, My comrades, My fragile spirit tattered
We take stock of what we have and where we are,
And I thank God for my Wife and my children.

Ranger Roberts