Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My sis took this photo of her cat, Socks. Looks professional, right?!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Halloween Macarons

This is the sample of my French Macaron Box for Halloween for my bakery, Tart. I'm making a limited amount, and I'm selling the boxes as a package deal for $26.00 for 16 macarons.
If ur gonna be in the Houston area, send me a e-mail, and I'll set aside one for you, my bloggy jelly beans!
Sorry you can't see the box-I'll have more pics up by Friday. It's a black heart shaped box with inspiration from the Nirvana song, Heart Shaped Box. and the book by Stephen King's son-Joe Hill(alias).The lyrics below are from the song will be on the inside cover as well, I just don't have it on this sample. I've always thought of the song as a kind of "anti-valentine", or a Jack the Pumpkin King's theme music for taking over Valentine's Day. There's also a guide on the inside cover like those in a Valentine's day chocolate box labeling the flavors. The 'Tart' name is written across the lid top in red paint that's dripping-it's morbidly fabulous. I tie each with a sheer red ribbon, and the inside has red cellophane, and a small info booklet with info on each flavor(I'll take some pics).
The flavors are: Fleur De Sel Caramel, Fudge, Candy Corn(white cookie top-orange filling-yellow cookie on bottom-the colorings of actual Candy Corns) , Cotton Candy, Absinthe, Pumpkin Spice, Vanilla Bean, Reese's Peanut Butter Cup, and Red Velvet.
The Absinthe one is made with real Absinthe that has had the alcohol cooked away, and I found a decorative pastry cream liquid that I put on them that actually glows in the dark-FANtasmic! There will be some really incredible pics up on Friday here and on my Tart Bakery site, so come back to see!
Is anybody gonna dress up for Halloween?
XOXO Penny