Thursday, July 8, 2010


French Macarons!
Above: Lemon, TART Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Milk Chocolate

WHY does photo quality go lower when I post pics on here?! I mean...for REALS!!! NOT Kosher!
ANywho- I have quite a few photos of macarons and cupcakes I've done in last couple weeks-ish to put up(including some custom cupcakes that are each dedicated to the look, likes, and quirkiness of individual people)!
I'm ALSO doing this topsy turvy cake for a friend's going away party this weekend. It involves skiing bears, chocolate mountains, pulled sugar, and hand made cotton candy(U didn't know I could make cotton candy from home with no machine, did you?! ...That's right! I know things! Maybe I'll send u some one day! :)
Below: Almond w/Orange cream, Strawberry, TART Blue Raspberry, Milk Chocolate, Lemon, Grape.
Also, I HAVE started to sell macarons in custom orders locally for about $1.75/each(don't freak! They average $2.00 to $3.00 anywhere due to ingredients and difficulty to produce).
Anywho-I've done local orders where they were picked up, but not mailed. I'm trying to find out about the ways to send them without having them show up in pieces. Sucre(my personal heaven) in New Orleans ships them, so I'm thinking of ordering and checking out the package they mail in. It worries me-These are meringue based cookies, so they're fragile.

If ur in the Houston area, check out my listings at my 'TART' Bakery Blog: click here