Friday, October 30, 2009

Halloween Bothers Robert Pattinson!

Twas the night before the Slut-pocolypse...

For those of you who don't know-The "Slut-pocolypse" -or "Slutoween"-is Halloween-Only the new label acknowledges the fact that 80% of the women that will be out on Saturday are going to be dressed like themed strippers...but-nothin wrong with that! Jasmine was a stripper for a while in's a great gateway job to acting. She's a modern day Lassie!-only cuter! Academy Awards, here we come! :)
Now- REMEMBER, kiddos--You need a PILLOW CASE for your candy so you can milk the trick or treating for all it's got! NO wimpy plastic pumpkins! Free candy deserves to be taken seriously!Jasmine will be in a revealing bumble bee costume-That slut! :)
and-Yes! She DID chew off her own antenna.
What are YOU going to be for Halloween?!

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cupcakes and Skittles, STAT!

Oh, Cupcake! I LOVE you!! I love you so hard! :)'
Come to me!! ...and bring your Skittles friends!
I'm editing today, and staring at the screen for an eternity has left my head with so much pressure-I could probably make my own diamonds!
I always get hung up with the editing and throw out whole sections-which sets me back. Editing is tedious work that yields a MUCH better story, but it just frustrates me...too many words to look over!
...and it doesn't help that Jasmine is sitting on my lap and keeps moving the touch pad with her feet. She's a "Writer Block"!!
She looks cute doing it tho-right?!
I WISH I worked as fast as Debra, but I can't...mostly cuz I don't mix coke in with my grits each morning. :)

For the writers out there-How long did it take you to finish your novel?! What about your full edits?!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Smite me, All Mighty Harry Potter Gods!

I know this is "technically" illegal because the NAME of 'Harry Potter' was used, but it seems unfair to me.

A woman in the UK was forced to cancel her Harry Potter-themed dinner party after receiving a warning from the Warner Bros. legal department.

The event included an ambiance of talking paintings and a dinner of pumpkin soup, butterbeer and cauldron cakes, but all fun halted when she received the following letter:

"While we are delighted you are such a fan of the Harry Potter series, unfortunately your proposed use of the Harry Potter properties… without our consent would amount to an infringement of Warner's rights."

They may have won the Potter battle, but the studio did not win the war!The party continues under the name Generic Wizard Night, but because she used to make money off of these dinners, the copyright-Nazis put a stop to it.

According to the hostess, "The night is totally a fan's tribute and is a one-off. It's not like I'm running a permanent Harry Potter restaurant…It is basically dinner parties that are paid for. I'm the cook and hostess. Each dinner takes four days of work and I make very little money from it."-I got this info and wordage from

HOW could this hurt the franchise?! BESIDES the fact that letting one person use the name would force u to let others use it for evil?! I mean-They can't give a one time exception?! If I was J.K. Rowling, I'd stand up for this! It's flattering and WICKED kewl!!

Monday, October 26, 2009

...So Guess What Happened This Weekend!

This weekend, two pretty great things - and ONE REALLY INCREDIBLE, AMAZINGLY GREAT thing happened!
Pretty Great Things:
First- Katy Perry had a 'Willy Wonka' themed Birthday Party on Saturday AND she posted pics on her Twitter!
There was a Willy Wonka "Chocolate Room" Tree,
Her cake looks pretty sweet!!
Taylor Swift was there!(Pink mashed potatoes!)
Sadly, ms. russell bland was there as well since it seems he has poor Katy under a horrible love spell! No worries tho, I smudged him out of the pic! ALL FIXED!! :)
Here's a perfect guy! Her BFF, Markus Molinari! Apparently, they had a room at the party where guests could body paint themselves and their friends!
Here's Taylor again! She just doesn't stop looking sweet like a kitten! :)
I read that there was a cake fight at the party too, and that the LAPD closed the party down at 1AM...
...cuz the cake and paint was getting EVERYWHERE and making it "dangerous")! Sounds to me like the popo were just ruining a good food fight, but safety first, Kittles!! :)
SECOND- The 'Starstrukk' Music Video by 3oh!3 featuring Katy Perry is OUT!!
Watch it below! Fabulous, Dahling! Just FABULOUS!

My sister, Emmy, won a GOLD MEDAL in Bocce at the Special Olympics State Games on Saturday!
I'm SOOOOO proud of her!!! GO EMMY!!!! That gold bling is BLINDING!
Kickin booty, and takin names!! I LOVE YOU SO VERY MUCH!!
How was YOUR weekend? Get in any food fights?!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Question and Answer Video

Jasmine and I answer a few of YOUR questions!
Kittle Warning: light language

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Mr. Pibb + Red Vines = CRAZY Delicious!

Kittle Warning: Language(tho it IS bleeped)
SO-I've gotten some questions from ya'll, and I'm planning on answering a few of those with tomorrows post-It will probably be a video, so you get to hear me and Jasmine chat! YAY! I have quite a few, but if you have anything you'd like me to answer and haven't put it out there yet- from "How do I feel about turtles?", to "What shampoo do I use?", to "What's Jasmine's favorite cupcake flavor?"- just ask-and you shall receive an answer! :)

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Hello, Cupcake!

Today, I got a package in the mail from my AMAZING friend, Amanda(her blog is 'Cupcakes and Corsets')-who-coincidentally is HOSTING my Gourmet Cookie Giveaway! If you haven't entered yet, click HERE!
Anywho-It was my BIRTHDAY on Saturday, and she mailed me some INCREDIBLE goodies!(including the cupcake BOW clip I have on in the pic above!)
Jasmine didn't really...involve herself with much except for when she made a mess of the wrappings...aaaand then hid in an empty water bottle case as if it were a fort...judging me...
(Sorry for "the ring-ish" pictures! She moves fast and I didn't understand what the camera wanted from me :)
Let's take a journey through what else was in the package-This girly was able to combine THREE of my favorite things-Cupcakes-Hello, Kitty-and Pumpkins!!
Inside, there were these ADORABLE boxes wrapped in pink ribbon and Halloween- Hello, Kitty Stickers!
Nestled inside each of them was a CUPCAKE!
They were little pumpkin spice cakes with cream cheese frosting-enveloped in a delicate shell of pink tinted white chocolate and sprinkles.
That's my pumpkin. His name is Gerald.
Each was topped with a CHERRY SOUR candy!(which is one of my FAVORITE candies EVER-I don't think Amanda knew that-It was just a lucky chance that they were sitting a top the cakes!)
You can't tell in the photos, but there are tiny pink cupcakes ON the WRAPPERS!! SO CUTE!!
I took a couple of photos with the lovelies, so here we go!
FABULOUS! Just MAKES the outfit I think!
AND- I cut them in a very..."Halloween" fashion! "Cupcakes, I'm comin for YOU!" :)
Here's a look see inside the yummies! I ate this very one, and it was like a tiny orb of orange pumpkins, ginger, nutmeg, chocolate, cream, and a crisp Fall breeze!
I DID share them with others despite my automatic reaction to hoard! :) Here's my daddzo partaking! He said, and I quote, "That was CRAZY good!"
ALSO in the package were COOKIES! It was upon seeing these that I realized- I think God DOES like me after all!! They were Peanut Butter AND Chocolate CHIP! With little purple bows! They're FANCY! :)
YUM! You gots to know when to hold em in Texas! :)
We're nearing the end of our journey through the sweet confections, so HOLD ON and SOAK IT UP-Cuz this is ur LAST look!
You can order some of the spicey baby cakes of magic I had today at her website, or at her 'Fancy Lady Gourmet ETSY Shop'!
Also, Be sure to click here and enter my Gourmet Cookie Giveaway hosted by Amanda and 'The Fancy Lady Gourmet' if you haven't already! The winner will be chosen randomly and will get Cupcake Cookies in the mail! You know you want to!

After THIS and many other cupcake posts...I think it's pretty obvious what my favorite food is...Please tell me what yours is! And yes- I WILL share cupcakes with you as a fav...but ONLY you! :)

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have a problem...

I saw these pics of Taylor Momsen today...
For those of you who DON'T know- She's on the show 'Gossip Girl',
and she was Cindy Lou Who on 'The Grinch' with Jim Carrey-for those of you who enjoy the holiday flicks!
I'd like for you to look at something with me:
THIS is Taylor trying to be a rocker-
THIS is Courtney Love circa 1992.
She will need A LOT more meth, coke, and red lipstick if she's going for that look! AND- If she dates and then kills a musician I love like Courtney did with UBER ROCK GOD, Kurt Cobain...
I will make sure NO kittens want to live within a THOUSAND miles of her EVER AGAIN!!
Here's Kurt and Courtney-
He HATES it YOKO!!! other, less dramatic news-I got a haircut! I like it!! Thanks, Natalie! :)
AND I got a really cute butterfly ring! Sux that my curls fell by the time I took this! My hair holds them for like...30 minutes-Doesn't matter how much gel, mousse, or hair spray I try beat it into submission with...AND-Yes- I'm a habitual nail biter...I'm sorry. I'm working on my issues! least I don't kill rock stars! :)
I didn't want to force Jasmine Macaroon awake to be in the pics, so HERE she is while still in kittle dreamland! Chase those enormous balloons filled with catnip, Love Bug! :)
Is there a musician out there that bothers you?!
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Monday, October 19, 2009

Zooey Deschanel in...

'Jump to Conclusions Girl'!
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The Doomsday clock is ticking!
Enter for the children! Help them, Obi Wan Kenobi! You're their only hope!