Thursday, October 29, 2009

Cupcakes and Skittles, STAT!

Oh, Cupcake! I LOVE you!! I love you so hard! :)'
Come to me!! ...and bring your Skittles friends!
I'm editing today, and staring at the screen for an eternity has left my head with so much pressure-I could probably make my own diamonds!
I always get hung up with the editing and throw out whole sections-which sets me back. Editing is tedious work that yields a MUCH better story, but it just frustrates me...too many words to look over!
...and it doesn't help that Jasmine is sitting on my lap and keeps moving the touch pad with her feet. She's a "Writer Block"!!
She looks cute doing it tho-right?!
I WISH I worked as fast as Debra, but I can't...mostly cuz I don't mix coke in with my grits each morning. :)

For the writers out there-How long did it take you to finish your novel?! What about your full edits?!


The Fancy Lady said...

penny your a genius!
you just gave me an idea for a new cupcake a skittles cupcake! what are your 2 favorite skittles flavors?

lightning in a bottle said...

i know that jasmine on the keyboard may be a smidge annoying, but that's too cute. i miss my cat commandeering my desktop and plopping herself wherever, like the princess she is! ;)

feel better about editing. take breaks. eat cupcakes. give hugs. repeat as needed.


مى said...

Writer Block. WItty :)

Great, now I'm hungry. I want a cupcake :(

Kelly H-Y said...

Your kitty looks like quite the helper! Skittles always bring inspiration! Good luck with the editing!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

The fastest I wrote a book was in 3 months. The edits took about 9 months. but that's NOT my average...I am averaging 2 years of writing, 7 months of full edits.
I should try coke and grits.

DebraLSchubert said...

By coke, I'm assuming you mean the soda ;-). And who gave you my secret revved up recipe??

PS: Can I have Jasmine Macaroon? PLEEAAASSSSEEEE??????

Pen Pen said...

I like the red and the purple ones!!!! :)
I stole it from ur house...not that I'm a stalker or anything...that would be weird....but I gotta tell u that ur new living room furniture looks good from the yard at night! :)

ANd- Jasmine said she'd come live with you, but she wants to take me too...and I have costly diet needs-consisting mostly of European candy and moon pies! :) So -Let me know what you think about that! :)

Meg said...

To write it: A year. Full Edits: Still working on them, but going on a year.

Your cat is so cute!

Jessica said...

I think it probably takes me eight months, but I actually don't know for sure because I write it, set it aside and start something new, then like a month later I'll go back to the manuscript. It's all very jumbled. An editor at the conference asked me how long it took to write my manuscript and I couldn't answer because I didn't know. Whoops.

Midtown Girl said...

Still working on my book - but great things take time, so it will be worth it!

And loved your story about your bf - too cute for words.

Speaking of cute - what an adorable ball of fluffiness!


Steph Damore said...

Happy Halloween Penny! Stop by my blog for a treat! (and sorry, it's not a cupcake, but still stop by, ok?)