Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I have a problem...

I saw these pics of Taylor Momsen today...
For those of you who DON'T know- She's on the show 'Gossip Girl',
and she was Cindy Lou Who on 'The Grinch' with Jim Carrey-for those of you who enjoy the holiday flicks!
I'd like for you to look at something with me:
THIS is Taylor trying to be a rocker-
THIS is Courtney Love circa 1992.
She will need A LOT more meth, coke, and red lipstick if she's going for that look! AND- If she dates and then kills a musician I love like Courtney did with UBER ROCK GOD, Kurt Cobain...
I will make sure NO kittens want to live within a THOUSAND miles of her EVER AGAIN!!
Here's Kurt and Courtney-
...in other, less dramatic news-I got a haircut! I like it!! Thanks, Natalie! :)
AND I got a really cute butterfly ring! Sux that my curls fell by the time I took this! My hair holds them for like...30 minutes-Doesn't matter how much gel, mousse, or hair spray I try beat it into submission with...AND-Yes- I'm a habitual nail biter...I'm sorry. I'm working on my issues!...at least I don't kill rock stars! :)
I didn't want to force Jasmine Macaroon awake to be in the pics, so HERE she is while still in kittle dreamland! Chase those enormous balloons filled with catnip, Love Bug! :)
Is there a musician out there that bothers you?!
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lightning in a bottle said...

your hair looks so dishy! love the waves, girl!

re: taylor momsen, she's pretend-slumming it right now. there's nothing hardcore about her. i'm sure once she goes to bed and the raccoon eyes comes off, she's as wholesome as apple frickin' pie. *cough* poseur.

she was more appealing as cindy lou who.

great pics of you and jasmine! watching jasmine sleep in a ball brings smiles to my face!

Jessica said...

Your hair is so beautiful! Nice.

Sheesh, I still feel bad for Courtney and Kurt. What a tragic thing. Esp. for her, left to deal with his decision. Grrr.

Mariah Irvin said...

Wow, I didn't even realize that she was Cindy Lou Who. Weird.

The Fancy Lady said...

your hair looks so pretty!
what shampoo do you use in the words of bill madison your hair looks so silky an smooth lol.
thats a shame she looks gross shes such a pretty girl.
My musician i hate is PINK!
I think shes one manly and ugly 2 makes bad music and i think shes really not that tough id like to kick her ass than steal her sexy husband

Sarah said...

Love LOVE the hair! Mine's the same way with holding curls. I've officially given up and only use a flat iron these days.

Taylor Momsen looks like quite the ho-bag these days. What happen to sweet little Cindy??

Let's see... what musician can I not stand? That would have to be Miley Cyrus. And I almost had an aneurism when my three favorite bands (who are on tour together) played a show in TX two nights ago and all posted pictures on facebook with her. No. No no no no. They should be so anti they wouldn't even let her in to the venue.

Alright, I need to go calm down now.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Your hair! I luff it!
Maddonna just icks me out with her cyborg-sex kitten-yoga-relgious guru look.

hope505 said...

"...HE HATES IT, YOKO!" made me laff so hard! *haha!*
I also believe that Courtney Love is the Devil, and definitely killed Kurt.
* >:(
Someone save Taylor Momsen before it's too late...!

hope505 said...

that made me lafff so harrd!!

I also believe C.Love is the devil and definitely killed Kurt.