Saturday, January 9, 2010

Prepare to see TWO amazing things!

FIRST, I want to share that I have acquired the 'Cupcake Holy Grails'- The Large Cupcake Icing Tips!
In the picture above- from left to right they are, 1) Large Open Star Tip 2) Large French Tip 3) Large Round Tip
I had SO much trouble finding these-they aren't at any hobby stores, and they DON'T come in the Wilton full icing tip set...I have no idea why not. I couldn't even find them on-line! They aren't normal sized tips. They measure about 3/4" at the end, and are made to do some serious icing! :)
Here are just a couple of pics I took of what they can do...
Round tip
French tip
If you compare this quality with the bumpy inconsistency I was getting when I only had a snipped icing bag or zip lock to use as a round tip, here....
The difference is incredible. I mean- For SERIOUSLY! LOOK at this!
If you want to make your baking look instantly professional, Google "wholesale baking supplies" in your city and go pick some of these tips up! Mine were $1.99 a piece, and made by Ateco.

The SECOND thing, I want to share is the INCREDIBLE package I got from my dear friend, and fellow blogger, Amanda!
She sent me a PINK, handmade cupcake apron made by The Handmaiden's Cottage!
The pocket even had my blog name-'Penny Lane'- accented with the fabulous name of her bakery-'The Fancy Lady Gourmet'! I adore it, and wore it already to do the cupcakes pictured above, but I didn't have makeup on, so no pics--tho I will of course take some for my next batch!
She also sent me this cupcake plate that is already in it's place on my dresser! SO cute, right?!
I LOVE them Amanda! You are my cupcake cherub! :)
And-Thank you to everyone for your encouraging words on my last post during this difficult time. :) I guess I will just have to watch more of his stand up to judge more fairly if he's really funny, and trust that he must be a really great family guy if Katy and her family love him...tho it will be hard for me...... :)

Many hugs to everyone! Did ya'll get anything exceptional over the Holidays that you'd like to share?! I'd love to know!


lightning in a bottle said...

way to go on those icing tips! they do indeed make cupcakes THAT much more dee-licious looking.

great looking apron as well. awesomely done, amanda!

natalie said...

The cupcakes look amazing! And such a cute apron!!

Jessica said...

Tips don't matter to me or my toddlers! We're all drooling here. LOL But congrats on finding a better way to do them, and also, great apron!!!

Brigitte said...

those cupcakes look absolutely ADORABLE! And the tips are TO DIE FOR! Cuuuute~
Congrats for that cute apron, too! Now you can do anything and even best the mess! ;D


Mariah Irvin said...

Those cupcakes are magnificent!!! You got some nice presents, too!

My Christmas presents were all Jane Austen related.

Jenna said...

I may need to make some cupcakes now. Seriously. :D

DebraLSchubert said...

You are the Cupcake Goddess. I hope I'll get to taste some of your heavenly cupcakes one of these days. (Chocolate, please, w/chocolate frosting. - YUMMIE!)

The Fancy Lady said...

hey! im so glad you liked everything you better take a pic soon wearing that or ill beat you lol
ps if you kill that twat russel ill be your allibi and help you get rid of the body

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Gorgeous cupcakes! I love the yellow frosted one best--so elegant! I admire your creativity. And that is one swell apron, Penny. Just the perfect thing to wear while frosting;)

elledee said...

thats amazing! lovelovelove!