Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quick Check in

I've got a few pressing things going on, and I'm sorry I'm a little behind on posts-I have my 'Penny Advice' Post going up for tomorrow-BUT-I wanted to give ya'll a little look at one of the things I'm working on besides school/work stuff- It's the 'Fancy Nancy' Cupcakes for a friend's daughter's Birthday this Saturday!
I've got Gum Paste Lady Bugs,
Rings that are decorated to look like flowers,
tiny flowers,
and other things like butterflies and chocolate shoes that I'll show more of in a couple days! I HAVE been video taping all the steps of working on these cupcakes, so I'll have that up as a video tutorial soon. I also have one of the Ornament Cupcakes I did in December, but part of it was erased, so I need to tape that and add it to the tutorial. :)
Everybody having a good week?! Did you see Katy Perry on American Idol?! I DID! :)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

CHARMING! That little lady bug is adorable.

Lady Glamis said...

I knew I loved you. You have Queen playing on your blog. You just SIMPLY ROCK. And KILLER QUEEN! That's my song for my husband's phone for my ring. :)

So do you think you could ever make gumpaste Monarch butterflies?

Ali said...

Agh, she is going to love those cupcakes! So cute.

And I didn't see Katy Perry on Idol (gasp, I know). But I heard she and Kara were butting heads a little bit...