Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Cupcakes That Rock

So- Instead of finishing the edits of my cupcake tutorial videos, I got distracted and started on a new batch inspired by 70s all girl rock group, 'The Runaways', and the new movie about them.
I thought I'd share a bit of my process in designing a cupcake batch.
I usually start with an inspiration board with all the pics I like pertaining to the theme I want to do.
At the top is mine for 'The Runaways' Cupcakes.

Next, I pick the icing based on any pics that remind me of a certain I had a pic of a black high heeled shoe, I'd do dark chocolate icing with sharp edges.For 'The Runaways', I chose a Bourbon Vanilla Icing with a little bit of cherry flavoring in it.
I then decide on what will top the cupcakes. I'm really into Gum paste figures right now, so I chose to do 4 items to go on on this project.
1) Gum Paste Cherries with shimmer dust.
Here's one of mine.
2) Gum paste mini replicas of Joan Jett's guitar.
3) Flat squares of dark chocolate with lines of pixi sticks powder to look like cocaine.
4) Black crowns with dragees that look like metal studs on Joans leathers/rock looks and reference their song, 'Queens of Noise'.
Then, I let the figures dry overnight-and I put the toppers on the next day.
My tutorial will show how to make the figures, and how to make and apply the icing.

I can't wait for ya'll to see these tiny guitars! I don't want to show them till I have the video up, but it's worth the wait-So get ready for THAT cherry bomb!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Cupcakes with a hard edge--love it!

lightning in a bottle said...

can we say yuh-ummm?! i love the runaways inspired cupcakes!

girl Japan said...

LOVE the pink cherries.. wow, you really are freak'n creative.