Monday, March 15, 2010

Misadventures of a Neurotic Baker

These are the cupcakes I've made recently. I like seeing them all together-like they're a little family! I have FIVE new cupcake tutorials currently filmed and ready to edit. They'll be 'Voodoo Cupcakes', 'Katy Perry Cupcakes', Easter Cupcakes', 'Dreams of Being an Author Cupcakes', and an icing tutorial using a variety of decorating secrets, icing tips, techniques, and home made decoration tools. So, get excited for that! It's gonna be a very important thing for you to be able to say you knew about me -and supported me in my adventures before I became a published author!
I'd love to try out doing video tutorials of custom cupcakes with the ideas coming from my readers and people who watch my youtube videos. Just write in my comment section what themes you'd like to see me bake!-You can add specifics if u want-like flavors, colors-anything. I'd even do some cupcakes that are tailored to someone in your life, and the things they like- Or a celebrity-or pet-or phobia-or ur friend's birthday-anything! There's no limit to how crazy the theme can be. Can't wait! :)
XOXO Penny


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Just the names and the photos are so clever--whenever I see cupcakes, I totally think of you!

London Girl said...

Your cupcakes are like art! I love them so much. Wish I could bake as well as you.