Wednesday, February 3, 2010

We Need To Talk...

Dear United States Postal Service,

I hate you.
You're a selfish, lying facade that holds NO CANDLE to Fed Ex!
If I had anthrax, I would send it all to you.
If I had sand bags, I'd barricade your parking lot that never has a place open for me.
If I could make YOU use a line maze, I'd be sure it took you an HOUR to get through, and that it crossed the freeway a few times.

You've contributed nothing to our relationship.
I want my stuff back!!

XslapXslap, Penny

P.S. - Jasmine feels the same way, and she's not as mentally stable as me-so WATCH YOURSELF!!


Jessica said...

Just goes to show that government has no business being in business. Heh.

I'm sorry Big Brother lost your stuff. :-(

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Aw man, it stinks when USPS lets you down.

Charlie said...

Naturally, the quip about the anthrax was just you venting your anger. A joke right? Tell 'em it was just a joke.

Pen Pen said...

Of course! I only threaten government agencies for real on the weekends. :)