Thursday, February 4, 2010

I've found my Double!

This woman may be a talented and successful artist, but her success does not mean we are not doubles!!
Erika, of Cakespy has some rather "Penny-esque" tendencies...don't you think?! It's a bit freaky really...

Cupcake Eating Candy
Cupcake Surrounded by Macaroons
Cupcake and Pie Gang Violence
Cupcake Screws With Cupcake
I love you Diet Cola! I love you, Cupcake! I love you so hard!
...RIGHT?! If Erika has a hidden camera in my house, she needs to tell me NOW! ...not four months later like that other woman... :)


Brigitte said...

Ooh that place is adorable!!
This is the first time I consider cupcake making an art. Such adorable pieces. C:

Don't worry, I'll stay a faithful Penny-follower, I swear ; ;~


Janey K said...

Pen Pen,
You have absolutely found your cosmic double!
Have you communicated yet?

Brigitte said...

<33 I found my top header on this japanese art website a while ago and i saved it thinking i might need it. Makes a change, having it round, doesn't it? C:

I might actually use that trailer idea... I've made one before, but that was waaay before my outline was written!

Thanks for the pleasant visit & the follow,


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those are so clever and quirky!