Tuesday, November 24, 2009

"Yeah, I know Lonely...She's a jerk."

I've heard many people say to "write what you know", but I don't think you HAVE to write what you know-you can research the heck out of something and find the magic that will allow you to put your reader into the situation-BUT-If you DO write what you know, there is much less research necessary, and you have a hold on every sense(as in sound, smell, etc...) available. When I was young, my family moved and I was excited about meeting new people, but as the day to go to the new school drew closer, I began to almost lose control of my nerves, and I visibly shook the day I was enrolled. I remember the smell of cafeteria rolls and the stares of the class I was lead into. Nobody knew me, and I was too nervous to speak. The fear and sadness grew out into my entire world, and lasted months. It was a horrible experience for me, and it still pricks me now. But- Because I felt my way through that experience, I know what words sound like through chattering teeth, and how long you have to wait in a bathroom stall before the red leaves your face from crying.
In every painful moment, writers are given a thousand free words.


beth said...

"Till the red leaves your face" ...that makes me so sad to read, but it is so beautifully written.

But you're write--the one thing that you have to know to write is emotion. You can apply that emotion to anything, now, but you can write it--because you know it.

lightning in a bottle said...

how apt to have the verve pipe auto play when reading today's post.

sorry the moving and transferring to new schools was such a crap experience for you. but all experiences shape us to the person we are today and i would not want you any differently than you are now.

always hold your head high, my dear. remember, you're magic.

Jessica said...

WOW. Great post, Penny. I moved a ton too, so I totally know what you mean. Thank goodness for books, in my case.
I was just thinking of you yesterday. I hope everything is going okay and that you have a wonderful Thanksgiving. :-)

Gabbi said...

Love how your write Penny. I definitely can sense how traumatic it must have been as a little girl. I also adore that frame from the Black Dahlia film. Such a gorgeous actress.

Hope you've had a wonderful Thanksgiving!♥

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I agree 100%. We can tap into a lot of our own experiences to reinvent another character's. Amen.