Saturday, November 28, 2009

Buddy the Elf: "THEN, we'll eat a whole roll of Tollhouse Cookie-dough as fast as we can, and then we'll snuggle, and then..."

...we'll eat TWO types of cupcakes!
I made some cupcakes for a game night we went to tonight! The first ones were vanilla with vanilla icing and I made a stripe through the icing with red food coloring(it wasn't peppermint flavored icing-just looked like it. BUT-I did put crushed peppermint pieces on the tops:)
This one is my fav! I named him Melvin!
...this one's not Melvin
...still not Melvin
Just chillin. Melvin is front left. That's one handsome cupcake! :)
I made some Devil's Food Chocolate ones too with whipped chocolate frosting and I put mint Milano cookies on them to adorn.
They were pretty decedent, and I liked their gold wrappers-they seemed to compliment the silver ones from the vanilla cupcakes. ...I didn't name any of them...they're no Melvins...
Also- The winner of my Gourmet 'Cupcake Cookie' Giveaway with Amanda of 'Cupcakes and Corsets' will be announced tomorrow. If you entered, you MAY have an e-mail from me tomorrow letting you know you've found the golden ticket! I'm going to post the winner, so you'll see who wins no matter what! Good Luck to everybody who entered! This is very exciting-Tomorrow promises to be a sugary day! Jasmine and I are both in a twitter over it! :)



My-my~ such delicious assembly line PP!
ps: love the music, feel like dancing to the song~

Ali said...

Looks deeeelish!

The Fancy Lady said...

awww these look fabulous!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You evil temptress. Now I want cupcakes. Badly.

lightning in a bottle said...

you need to be much closer to me, lady. those look fantastic. every last one of them!