Thursday, September 10, 2009

Stop the Penny Hate!

First-let me direct everybody to the right side of what you are reading right now-My writing goal meter-Please read, be advised, and be my accountability buddy!
I'm jealous today- Debra went to see Chelsea Handler do her act, I just got an e-mail from a friend that linked to one of our other friends ON STAGE with Katy Perry dancing (OH!MY!GOD!),
and NOW-Another friend is going to Sucre, New Orleans today!!
I'm waiting for the moment when the skies open up and God says, "I HATE you Penny!".
If u don't know, Sucre is a bakery on magazine street in New Orleans-and it's where sugar dreams come true.
The decor uses pastels and a modern touch-It comes off as if the entire building has been dipped in a vat of whimsy.
They make French Macarons-
CUPCAKES!! I like those wrappers instead of the baking cups!
Tiffany cake-
Rasberry Mousse Tartlets-
Xocolat Sucre-
Mango Lime-
Bread Pudding-
Bigger Tiffany Cake-
Chocolates-Lattes with designs-
(This one's cool)
It's supposed to be a lion....I say it looks like a manatee.
And they now have a traveling gelato truck!
To the Gelato Truck driver for Sucre: Don't stop for me. I WILL impersonate a police officer in order to confiscate your vehicle! You've been warned.
(Look at that tree behind the truck-twisted! :)
Why do you hate me, God?! -You have a lot to explain.


Mariah Irvin said...

Okay, I'm officially jealous too.

lightning in a bottle said...

some days just suck.

nothing a road trip couldn't cure. new orleans here you come?

btw, the bluet and fraise look absolutely delicious!

The Fancy Lady said...

oh god your killing me here i just tried to eat the screen lol

Ali said...

My mouth = watering!

That is all.

Jessica said...

Okay. Now I've got to say, why do you hate me Penny Lane!!!! Quit posting delicious pictures of things I'll never get to eat! Wah!!!

That said, :-(, sorry you didn't get to dance with Katy Perry.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Uff. That's a lot of reason for envy. And a lot of sugar.
But I want. I want I want I waaaaant that cupcake shop!!!

Mel said...

a BIG HUG to cheer you up!