Tuesday, September 8, 2009

"My dear child, this is NOT a birthday party."-March Hare 'Alice In Wonderland'

HOLY Hookah! Check out these cupcake wrappers I saw on 'Cupcakes Take The Cake'! They SCREAM to be invited to an 'Alice in Wonderland' Party!

I'll make chocolate mint cupcakes to go in them-
and these mushroom cookies.
Can you come?! I can also invite...'The Toadies'!
-Emily Blunt!
- Katy Perry!
-and Kate Hudson(in the Penny Lane costume naturally! :)
We'll have some vanilla macarons!
AND-Be sure to wear something up to par! I'm gonna wear this little number, and the dress code is even more strict than PDiddy's white party! I WILL turn you away for lack of appropriate dress! :)
The itinerary also includes dangerous falls down pits, and hallucination-tastic talking flowers!
There's no time to say Hello--goodbye! Don't be late!!


lightning in a bottle said...

that is so rad!! what a find! you can have your own alice party to coincide with the burton movie release.

The Fancy Lady said...

ooo im so inviting myself to this tea party and those cupcake wrappers are martha stewart you can get them at a michaels

Ali said...

This is me...RSVP-ing! ;)

Jessica said...

I'm coming! I love mint. :-)

Mariah Irvin said...

Did someone say party with strict dress code? Definitely my place to be.

Sweetnothin' said...

I'll be waiting for yall five days in advance...can't miss this

DebraLSchubert said...

OMG Penny, check out this website: http://www.crumbs.com/cupcakes

Love the poison wrappers, btw, and of course Emily, Kate, and KATY!!!

Word ver: pride - weird, huh?

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Those cupcake wrappers are TOO cool. Is it coincidence that my word verification says "fatiest?"

Dutch donut girl said...

I'll be there! Can I bring donuts?

That last picture looks so magical.

Gabbi said...

I love your whimsical inspirations dear Penny!!! It was an amazing scroll... :) Thank you so much for sharing and for the great comment on the Sam post. You're awesome♥