Monday, August 10, 2009

Two Is Better Than One!

Good News! I collaborated with Aimee at 'Aimee Writes' to bring you WAY too much info about my life!
We both submitted 4 questions and then answered them!
At the end of this post I will tage THREE of you to answer them too! ...You MUST answer!! will die in 7 days. You thought 'The Ring' was scary-Hell hath no fury like a Penny scorned! Just joking! ...well......not really....
Penny Questions:
1) Do you have a "secret" author, genre, book, or magazine you read but rarely fess up to?(give an example)
Well...There isn't much I don't fess up in my love of books/music/art-In fact-You probably already know about my unabashed love of Katy Perry. I also love Britney Spears-
loved her since the first time I heard 'Baby One More Time' playing out of the cheap radio that played in the locker room of my high school swim team.
I'm a pop culture and craziness the disappointment of my mom...She struggles with it every day :) The pop weirdness is only overshadowed by my love of baking-by the who-my momsicle made this cake! vanilla/whipped icing strawberry cake!
I still read childrens books-As I feel the same way I do when I watch 'Willy Wonka'
-It's like being 8 years old again...only I can't eat large quantites of Tongue Splashers Gum and Jolly Ranchers while reading them in public...that's just too conspicous.
I also read 'Us Weekly' from cover to cover each week.
Even when I was in college and SERIOUSLY counted change to get groceries-I'd get 'Us Weekly' and go without bread if I had to!
Scandal. Fashion. Gossip. Life Bread. SO worth it!

2) What genre of movies is your favorite? What about movies you wouldn't normally fess up to liking?

My FAVORITE kind of movie is a disaster movie! I love when the aliens blow up the White House in 'Independence Day', when they're running from the giant wave in New York in 'The Day After Tomorrow',
and I cannot wait to see 2012!

I was disappointed in 'Terminator' when they didn't show extensive footage of the nuclear apocalypse.
A movie I probably SHOULDN'T fess up to liking is 'Babes In Wonderland'-the low budget movie I got free with a Happy Meal at the age of 8...tho it DOES star a young and 'Bill and Ted' looking Keanu Reeves.

3) If you could have any job in the world, what would it be and why do you like it?
I want to be a published novelist and have my books made into movies-and I want to pick the soundtracks.
Most of my scenes are written while listening to certain songs.
I'd love that because writing has always been about bringing others into the craziness that goes on in my head.

4) If you could change something abut your personality, what would it be?
I'd like to be able to confront people. I hate confrontation!!
The only people I can verbally "push" are people making too much noise during a movie or REALLY mean sales people.

Aimee Questions:
1. What character from any film matches your personality and traits most accurately? And why?
mmm...I've never felt TOTAL connection with a movie character in a "HOLY GUM DROPS, they're JUST like me!" kind of way. BUT- I remember crying after the first bit of 'Miss Potter'-the bio of Beatrix potter(author of Peter Rabbit).
She was an amazing writer who didn't feel totally accepted in her circumstances, and she had a whimsical view of the world-yet a darker feel when she thought of herself. She also seemed to be a little "afraid" of the world and writing was a way to escape. I've always been kind of mildly agoraphobic at times, so that spoke to me. The only stuff that I didn't connect with included the fact that they portrayed her like she had hallucinations of her characters--I only see hallucinations of giant Skittles and chipmunks...usually at the same the tub with me.
They also showed her wearing no makeup and she gave little thought to clothes-I love both of those things and think of them as extentions of my personality.

2. If you had to go on any reality TV show which one would you choose?
'So You Think You Can Dance'!
I DON'T think I can dance, but I would SO go audition AND I wish I could dance. I want to take lessons-I love it even more BECAUSE of that show. I can't imagine how many times I've been in tears or WOWED by a dance on the show-It brings out such emotion in me.

3. What is the worse outfit you have ever worn? Honestly, did you think you looked good at the time?
1) I went as a bumble bee for Halloween once-I made the whole costume myslef.
It was stuffed with towels for volume that kept falling out. I thought I LOOKED awesome and ran around acting like I was flying. My dad wasn't amused and was like, "Stop being a f#&*ing Bumble Bee and get a f*(#ing job!" ...yeah-It's been awkward since that happened almost a year ago...
2) When Jason and I first started dating, I wore a faux fur lined sweater to an event with him. It looked cheap and strange since it was only September at the time, but I thought I was JLO fab without the bottom.
Jason spent that whole night with a very confused face whenever he'd look at he was trying to decide whether to abandon me on the side of the Freeway and get out while he still could.
4. If you had to have one animal part attached to your body permanently (e.g. rabbit ears, a cat's tail, bird's wings) what would you choose?
If they looked "realistic"...I'd say fish eyes since they just been far apart and I'd look a little like Britney Spears. BUT- If they cold look "whimsical"-I'd say cat ears. I'd just wear lingerie every where and pretend I was dressed in a costume for my job...
tho I bet I'd have NO job if I looked like that...the look would have to be a gimic to stand on a street corner with...and I'd have to live in New York, New Orleans Portland to pull off that kind of "artistic crazy" :)
-YOU are being drafted!-
Mariah Irvin


Jessica said...

Eeek! Pen Pen, how could you do this to me!!! How can I answer these? Eeek!

Funny answers! LOL Not too many surprises here. I'll have to check out Aimee's blog. The bumblebee thing was pretty funny!

Your mom's cake looked delicious, even though I don't like strawberries or whipped cream, it almost makes me wish I did. LOL And like you, someday I hope I'm published too. :-) With movies. LOL

LiLu said...

I'll give you a little of my "confrontationism"... I've got too much. ;-)

Mariah Irvin said...

Thanks for drafting me! I'll get it up as soon as possible!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Oh my goodness...I read this yesterday but wanted to give it the time it can I beat this?!!! This is amazing. I don't want to die in 7 days so I must get on this STAT!!!!!!!

I love the thought you put into your posts hun, seriously.

Ok, kinda freaking out that this will not compare to yours but I will say...I did the SAME thing with US Weekly. Who needed to EAT?!

JennyMac said...

Oh, this is good. I love baking too so am enamored with that cake. BUT, the JLO comment cracked me up. Faux fur coat. Love it. My favorite was the quote from your dad..

Stop being a f#&*ing Bumble Bee and get a f*(#ing job!

drollgirl said...

hah!!! this is so great! you love disaster flics. hmmmm. and can't handle confrontation. that might just change a bit when you get older. i don't really WANT confrontation, but if someone is trying to walk over me, IT IS ON!!!! ahahhaha

Aimee-Beth said...

Fish eyes???? You mentalist!

Going to do mine now :)


lightning in a bottle said...

i love disaster movies too. i've watched day after tomorrow so many times. it's a fave.

you should especially check out garrison dean's take on the 2012 trailer. complete with cheesy 70s titles and soundtrack. after watching his remixed trailer, it makes me want to see it more!