Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Holy Sour Apple Lollipops, Batman!

Something weird happened today.
I've always hated the color green...REALLY HATED it! But- I was handed a sour apple lollipop at the mall -and my eyes were opened to a new level of awareness. It was like joining Scientology-I'm now singularly minded. I've been brainwashed...NO! BAPTIZED by the
Green Lantern and Granny Smith! It's all I can think of!
But- I'm not ashamed!
My head is dancing with visions of-
Desires at Pierre Herme,
Sucre Absinthe Chocolates,
The Emerald City,
(Ya know-My eyes are actually green tho they said BLUE on my license-I even argued with the lady--She says blue-I say That's BULLSHIT! Right!?
Wicked-the musical,
:) Inventor Of All Things Magical - Katy Perry :),
That WICKED HOT dress Keira Knightly wore in 'Atonement',
Green Tea Cupcakes,
...I dunno what these are...
Green Chocolate Bunnies at Laduree Paris,
My Christmas sweater,
AND my 'Dinosaurs are People Too' Shirt!
Come over to the GREEN side of the Force with me Peeps!!! It's like Easter Morning :)
I also have to give mad props to the fabulous 'EdwardCullenisHottie' on youtube, who gave me a heads up on the AMAZING song 'Fury' by Muse that you're listening to NOW! Thanks ECH!
AND-If u have a sec-Can ya'll go check out the video where ECH used said Muse song HERE and tell me if the video/music pairing gave you the overwhelming desire
make out with someone too?!
I know I've never been a 'Twilight' book fan,
but I may just go to see the new movie to watch RP pine for Kristen!
I've decided to call ECH's video 'Pattinson Porn' cuz THAT shit's HOT like WOW!!


Danyelle said...

That is so awesome! I want a T-shirt like that!

Gabbi said...

Green is an awesome color and your green picks are yummy and lovely! Also, your Christmas sweater is cute... who says green is only for the Holidays?!

lightning in a bottle said...

i LOVE the colour green in nature. (edging out the blue of the ocean) i think you look HOT in the green and red shoes/lipstick combo, lady!

and yes, that keira dress was absolutely smashing!

and muse is awesome. you should definitely check out their other songs such as starlight and knights of cydonia.

Midtown Girl said...

The Keira Knightly Dress (along with the movie as well) was one of my favs!

And the first dessert pic looks so delish ;-)


Chelsea Talks Smack said...

i love all of this. and absinthe chocolate??? yes.

Jessica said...

Yum, what's up with all the chocolate in the morning? LOL I want some. :-) I love geen, and though I didn't like Twilight that much, I liked the movie.
Congrats on your new love! ;-)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Welcome to the dark side--bwahaha! I have been a fan of green for YEARS. In fact, I just went on my regular shopping spree for my wardrobe (every 5 years, whether I need new clothes or not!) and came home to lay 3 pants, 1 pair shorts, 6 shirts, 1 sweater on my bed and observe that all my clothes were black, brown and green!

Just finished reading The Wizard Of Oz aloud to the boys on Sunday, too!

drollgirl said...

ok, first off, i used to HATE green too! but i have sort of embraced it wholeheartedly! green is a good thing! it is now all over my apartment, and i even WEAR some green!


that song! fucking love muse!


um, i will be playing it over and over and over, and there will be some making out tonight if i have anything to say about it!!!

Mariah Irvin said...

Hooray for green-eyed girls!

Charlie said...

Your eyes look blue to me.

newlyweds said...

I must admit I am a bit of a green addict, in my kitchen plates and patterns, its a weird thing, never noticed till one day my mom said, hey all your plates are green? hmm!

Dutch donut girl said...

I never liked the color green either but after reading this blog post, I'm converted.

Wow, you have beautiful eyes and I love your shirt.

Dutch donut girl said...

I just saw the video: HOT!
But it is the music that makes it especially hot.

Dutch donut girl said...

I just saw the video: HOT!
But it is the music that makes it especially hot.

Ali said...

Woo hoo, emerald! That's my birth stone!

Cute post. :)

Pen Pen said...

D- Got it at Target!!! :)
Gabbi- Right!! I LOVE Christmas-it should be more than once a year!
Lightning- Thank you, Gorgeous!! I'm gonna make my bf download like EVERY one of their songs for me! I'm in love with them too now!! :)
Midtown- They really need to have a French bakery near me that actually makes those! I bet you have a couple in NY! You should check that out! I KNOW ya'll have macaroons!! :) Not fair!!
I LOVEed that dress in 'Atonement'! I read it was so fragile and kept breaking!
Thanks sweetie! If u ever go to New Orleans, let me know and I'll meet u at Sucre and we can get some and gossip! :)
Did u really like the movie and not the books?! The WHOLE phenomenon of Twilight is SO interesting to me. I was SO much to love the books since I love 'love stories' and I loved 'Interview With a Vampire', but the writing level and cliche lines like, "The lion fell in love with the lamb" just made me say-THis is really horrible! I dunno what about that video made me like it tho--I had seen an interview with the two main actors and he seemed SO in love with her in real life-like he was SUFFERING cuz she's with someone else--I think that makes things more "intense"! :)
Green Girl-
Is ur name from the color or from being "green"-as in eco?!
I've never actually READ 'THe WIzard of Oz'--I should do that! Was it well written?!
I KNOW!!! I watched it over and over the first time I saw it--and I called my bestie and was like-"Tell me if this makes you want to make out!". Pattinson Porn!! And it's SO PG! AMAZING!!! AND MUSE!! Right!!!!
Let's take over the world!!! :)
Do they?! Was the mean DMV woman right?! :)
There's no shame :)
Maybe they'll sell a patch for it one day like they do for smoking :)
DutchD- YAY! Feel the green force flowing through you! Thanks for the compliment! I credit the pin up makeup tutorial I used for the eye makeup look! :)
AND- that video should be behind a curtain if it ever goes into stores :)

ABowlOfMush said...

I loove that green dress in Atonement!

alissa said...

im with you! not a fan of green - but when you consider Wicked and Katy Perry, im in :)

apparentlyjessy said...

I love green! I have a green and blue bedroom and it is such a relaxing/calming colour combination! LOVE your dinosaur tee, and yep I am totally thrilled with Muse's new album, it rocks my socks!

Lisanne said...

green makes me think about weed :)
but it's a nice colour
PS! i love your blog, and you have a new follower

koralee said...

Green has never been high on my list but I really love your green images....the laduree bunny is my favourite! Thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my to read some off your past posts that I have missed on your delightful blog!

jonas wunderman said...

Green, right. You've reminded me that I was going to post about a certain tone of green which existed in the 50's and doesn't seem to be around anymore. It was fantastic, trust me, you would want to grab it and sink your teeth into it if you were to come across it these days.

Yeah, so thanks for your comment, it was exceptional.

Jonas :)

Paris Pastry said...

Lovely post! That Pierre Herme dessert looks to die for!!!