Monday, August 10, 2009

Rich People Problems

A 17 hour work day where you're overly paid to basically play pretend?!
...She reminds me of those people who get super stressed when they plan big expensive parties.
And Katherine-Deflate your head, learn the manners most 2nd graders already know, stop whining about your rich people problems, and DON'T bite the hand that feeds you!


Jessica said...

I didn't watch this but I've heard she's a little bit snobby.

Maybe they get paid so much because of the hours and the work? Did you take drama? Hmmm, now I'm trying to remember about your comment on my post...or if you made a comment. LOL! I'm sorry.

Anyways, do you know how many scenes they have to do over and over and over. Blech.

I don't doubt at all that actors and actresses work hard. I think they're overpaid but at the same time it's the demand for them that does it. So those who do well and enchant people deserve recompense for their hard work.
But she... well, my sister can't stand her so I bet it's the way she's talking that irritated you. Maybe I will watch it after all. LOL!

Sarah said...

Oh man, she needs to cool it with the sarcasm. No one's going to want to work with her anymore...

Midtown Girl said...

Sheesh what's her deal?!

alissa said...

ugh i swear i like her less everytime i see her on something like this!