Thursday, August 6, 2009


Say Hello to the the solution for all your writing and/or life woes!
The Trish McEvoy 'Wild Blueberry Vanilla Candle'!
I have Meg at 'Writing, Food, and Life ' to thank for this revelation(Thanks, Meg!).
The first "real" writing I did--you know--that I took seriously was done after I lit one of these candles-and the writing went REALLY well!!
Since then, I have lit one every time I write. This may be a stupid, self-indulgent superstition...OR...It may just be the Voodoo you're looking for too! I confess that this candle is EXPENSIVE-like-$48.00 expensive. Crazy! I know! It smells divine tho-Even if you don't believe in the candle voodoo, you should go to Neimans and smell these!

Anyone else hold onto seemingly crazy superstitions?! In writing or elsewhere in ur life?!


Gabbi said...

Damn it Penny, now I need a $48 candle!! :D

T. Anne said...

I'm not sure I can afford to smell it!

Midtown Girl said...

I love Trish divine. Even better are the Tocca candles - so lush!!


Charlie said...

I'm thankful you asked me this before my mmorning coffee. The answer is...



DebraLSchubert said...

PenPen, I LOVE candles. Thanks. I was wondering what to do with that extra $48 the tooth fairly left last night.;-)

Jessica said...

LOL That's funny! Hmmm, I hate drinking the last of something. Like if there's only a little bit of milk left, I give it to hubby or the kids and open myself a new one. Same thing with cereal, leftovers, LOL

Ali said...

Hey - whatever works, right?

I'm glad you found something. And I'm a candle fan myself, so I might have to just get this. OR wait for a less expensive, miniature version to come out. ;)

lightning in a bottle said...

it sounds like it would smell absolutely fab!

drollgirl said...

oh, i bet it is DIVINE! but dang! can't they do something about that prize! hells! it is just scented wax. grumble grumble.

tee hee: my word verification is PERTURBE. hahahahaha

sorry to be a grouchy goose!

hope you have a fab weekend! :)