Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Penny and the Mystery of Jason's E-mail!

Jason - as Jason
and Penny - as Penny
Last night, I received a mysterious e-mail from Jason. It said,

"Let the Drummer Kick
put this on your blog"

At first ...I was confused, worried about the welfare of a drummer and wondering why he wanted me to put a strange and confusing phrase on my blog...
BUT- If I know Jason, this was a CLUE--It's how he communicates sometimes--sends me e-mails that are basically random, encrypted messages.
It makes me feel like Nancy Drew.
I have CRACKED the case!!!
It's a song by Citizen Cope. - "Let The Drummer Kick"!
It's amazing and the more I listen to it, the more I feel.
This video by Patsrock3456 reveals the meaning of the song in montages:
...but I thought this song was SCREAMING to be performed with dance, so here's a CRAZY talented dancer ,Nathan, on YouTube at CNateR.
BEYOND Bitchin'!
Go check out more of Nathan's stuff--You WILL be impressed! I was so happy to come across his work since all of the other dance videos made to this song were incredibly LAME and they didn't come across with the power I think a solo dancer gives with a song like this. I've already watched multiple videos of his today!
"Let The Drummer Kick"
Let the drummer kick
Let the drummer kick that


No substitution

Let the drummer kick
Let the drummer kick that

Relations (Apollo had to break 'em)
Creation (It's a gift, a blessing)
Incarceration (What keeps you down)
Determination (What gets you out)
Equation (When they said you could make it)
Humiliation (What you feel when they say it)
Reincarnation (N-A-V)
Situation (Why we've got to sing)
Elation (So many in need)
Identification (Gives you the right to shoot)
Retaliation (What would it do)
Education (Gives you the right to do)
Inspiration (What pulls you through)
No substitution (No substitute)
Non-inclusion (Just got to bust through)
Drug infusion (For the chosen few)
Mass confusion (When they say that they died for you)
Delusion (Say that the dreams don't come true)
Solution (It can take a hold of you)
Inspiration (Is what pulls you through)

Let the drummer kick (Inspiration)
Let the drummer kick that (Inspiration)

You don't even have to wait

You don't even have to wait

Let the drummer kick

Let the drummer kick that
[Thanks to for these lyrics]
They Mystery of Jason's E-mail:


Sweetnothin' said...

Am loving the source..kindda chill out tune. love the dance..omg hes so flexible..

lotusgirl said...

Nancy Drew Rocks!

Windsong said...


I love the way you tell the story!

Awesome Sara said...

i love nancy drew!!! jason is cute, dang.

Robyn said...

Nancy Drew is cool! Love the way you made such a mystery to solve! :)

drollgirl said...

um, jason's eyes are amazing, and you are GORGEOUS!!! OH YOU!!!

and i like this song. it reminds me of another band, but i do not want to mention it and TAINT things in case it is a bad reference.

sorry. just wanted to write TAINT all day today. done. yay.

sexypoet said...

your boytoy is a cutiepie!

drollgirl, i just watched an episode of howard stern ondemand lastnight where richard got his taint waxed. LOL funny shit..

Pen Pen said...

sweetnothin- Nathan is awesome! Go check out more of his stuff thru the link to his youtube channel! I watched-like--all of them!
Lotusgirl- I know!! WHo else could run around looking for criminals with perfect hair and a 'Stepford wife' 50s dress?! :)
windsong- :) I try :)
Sara- :) I do luvs him. He's my gem- he has like 5% body fat(REALLY! I didn't know it could get that low!)-he trains at 'Elite' Taekwondo, which is the training school for the olympic gold medalists-the lopez family, and he graduated college with like a 4.0, and finished a year earlier than most people with his major.
I'm banking on his genes making our kids have great metabolisms and perfect grades :)
...tho I'll probably end up corrupting them with my neurotic tendencies...
Robyn- Thank you! It's all for you! :)
drollgirl- He IS Hitler's dream- lond, blue eyes, strong, loyal, german family. -- and thank you for saying I'm gorgeous! -I've had bad skin troubles recently and it's made me very self-conscious. I need that acutane stuff.
--Also- U gotta tell me who the song reminds u of!! I wanna know!! :)
Sexypoet- I'm gonna start calling him that! Too funny!

Stacy Nyikos said...

I should send my husband emails like that. See if can't decode them. I can just see him scratching his head like mad trying to figure out what in the world I'm talking about. Only problem is, he might send them back to me. That'd definitely lead to long, protracted communication that would have nothing to do with kids, house, carpool or mundane lifeness. Hmmm.....

GutsyWriter said...

What a creative way to capture this solo dancer. It's a beautiful piece of art for the eyes. Jason's eyes are amazing too. Imagine if these eyes belonged to a woman with eye make-up. Your photo is beautiful too.

Bimbo147 said...

I would have never gotten that!!!

lightning in a bottle said...

you're so cute and your boyfriend so sweet for sending that to you.

lightning in a bottle said...

you're so cute and your boyfriend is sweet for sending that to you.

Pen Pen said...

Stacy- It is fun!! The only time his clues were ever difficult for me was when he did this scavenger hunt for my birthday one year and I wasn't around a computer when I got each clue--He has a very good memory and such-I don't, so decoding messages or remembering events was a little harder without my computer. BUT- It was one of my favorite memories! No slight confusion could eclipse it :)
Gusty- :) aww! thanks! I'll be sure to tell him his eyes r pretty today! I think when we have kids, I'll be sad if they ALL have my green eyes--My hair is darker and I have always thought that the combo of dark hair and blue eyes is so striking--like Zooey Deschanel or Alexis Bledel or Megan Fox.
AND- U should go checkout Nathan's(dancer) other videos! He's wonderful!
Bimbo- :) I've been solving his mysteries for a while, so I have the advantage of experience! :)
lightning- THanks you!! He is very sweet and does well with surprises and creative things for me--especially on holidays or my birthday! :)