Thursday, April 30, 2009

Swine Flu vs. Rolling Stones Pandemic

Swine Flu Reported Case Map
Align CenterTHE DOTS ARE IN TEXAS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
*Heart Thumping*
*Nervous Sweat*
*Chattering Teeth*
*...Distracted by 'No Doubt' on Today Show........
Okay--I'm back. The dots are in San Antonio, not Houston...but still....oh my god, oh my god, oh my god.
Matt Lauer: "Is the Swine Flu becoming a pandemic? We're gonna talk a little more about it and how it could spread in a little while."
Penny: "In a little WHILE?!!!" Tell me now!!! THE DOTS ARE IN TEXAS!!!

They've closed like 10 schools in Houston, and like ALL the extra-curricular activities ALL OVER!!
AND, The news is like, "It's not a serious problem. You should not avoid public transportation."
"Help Me Obi-Won Kenobi, You're My Only Hope!"

.........I'm gonna come down from my freak out high and talk about a disease that's probably a bigger threat than the Swine Flu -
Rolling Stones Music Video Addiction
Penny: My name is Penny and I'm addicted to Rolling Stones music videos.
Group: Hi, Penny.
No- For Seriously. It's a full fledged problem.
The Symptoms:
I wake up and want to search for Rolling Stone videos I haven't seen.
I find myself waving my finger in people's faces like Mick in the 'Start Me Up' video(and most of them don't catch the reference, so they get a little scared.)
I feel the incessant need to wear a leotard.
...these are all things that have the potential to make being in public risky.
Maybe I should find a support group, but BB supports my habit and is even starting to go down the road of Rolling Stone destruction herself.
Until I get an intervention or go to rehab, I'm going to continue to encourage my habit.
Mick Jagger makes me laugh and with his interpretive dancing- it's one of my favorite pick me ups-always makes me smile.
SO- Let's look TOGETHER! Please join me!
Here's 'If You Can't Rock Me'

'Start Me Up'


Face of an addict:
Anyone else have an awesome addiction?!....or an irrational fear of Swine Flu?!


T. Anne said...

Any excuse to stay home is a good one for me, lol. Love the stones. God is my obsession, is that even safe to say?

Jessica said...

Well, I am addicted to reading and chocolate.
This whole flue thing is a little scary. I did a lot of research on the Spanish Influenza Pandemic of 1918 and it's amazing how it snowballed. So, yeah, things are kind of weird.
What's really weird are the mixed signals everyone is sending. Sigh. It almost makes me think it's some conspiracy so people will buy Tamiflu.

Kaylynn said...

I think it's crazy how people are freaking out about the swine flu...seriously, it's not like viral cancer...YOU CAN LIVE THROUGH THIS (and most everyone will)!! I think the media is playing this up to get more viewers so they can charge more to run commercials. There is always money to be made on people's emotions, especially panic. And only one person in the US has died and he was a young boy and native Mexican, with probably a weakened immune system. You can get FACTS here...

This will help put it in perspective:

1 death and 109 cases out of 306,330,139 people in the US...odds are you have nothing to worry about. The regular flu kills way more people every year.

Anonymous said...

I want Mick Jagger to adopt me!

NoahO said...

Texas..swinr flu...get the hell outta there.
Im have an unhealthy adiction to the movie Chicago...and it isnt funny anymore. Im unable to function unless i listen to the songs at least once a day.
I have an irrational fear of statues...they are soo creepy. Swine flu has yet to hit Ireland. Being an island nation really helps. Too bad for Houstan...but the kids must be soo happy, with all the schools closing lol.

Sweetnothin' said...

lol Pen Pen, you're scaring me. I have flu and i dont want to thnk of the possibilities

Bimbo147 said...

I could have either the flu or Swine Flu!!!!!

Windsong said...

My addictions tend to be reading, writing, and blogging. No fear of the flu. The scientists are being pretty calm about it. :D

drollgirl said...

damn this swine flu! i was thinking of going somewhere on vacation and now i am all paranoid and will probably just sit at home and sulk!

and mick? his dance moves are snicker-inducing.

Pen Pen said...

T. Anne-- It's only unsafe if ur stalking him :)
Jessica--Ur RIGHT! It's could be a ploy by the drug companies!! hmm...
-and yeah- that's what freaks me out most. There are people on tv saying to avoide public transportation and they're closing schools an events,, but there are also other people saying to not even worry about it cuz the numbers are so low...maybe the news is fear mongering- either way it's scary that it's in my state-makes me less "untouchable".
Kay-- Ur down playing my hysteria...maybe I should return my build ur own fallout shelter I got...
M-- He's an awesome dude!!
Noah- Chicago IS a crazy good musical! Only get worried if u break out into 'Mr. Cellophane' at a grocery store or restaurant. :)
sweet-- I'm sorry!! My ramblings are irrational! :)
Bimbo--Lots of others are having the normal flu right now too--it's strange that it's not flu season, but it's good to know ur just "normal" sick! :)
Windsong-- I like ur addictions! Reminds me of me---without the rolling stones addiction on top of those :)
Drollgirl-- Mick always makes me feel better :)
- and I'm sure the news is just fear mongering and I'm overly nervous :)U should still go on a trip tho! -just not to Mexico...go to-like- Iceland! I bet they're swine flu free! :)

clorivak said...

hahaha thats a great addiction, nothing to be ashamed of. have you been imitating his chickenbird moves? Super cute addict photo!!! you should go on one of those programs and turn it into a mugshot...not sure if they have one those...but they totally should!