Saturday, April 25, 2009


My bestie, KayKay and I have a few ways of cheering ourselves up when our lives get us down, but the MOST successful one is what we call, Plan A:
Plan A
1) Make hot chocolate with as many mini marshmallows in it as the cup will allow!
2) Acquire a Cinnabon - This is a must, and life and limb should be risked to bring it to fruition.
3) Watch 'Elf' while you eat and drink your hot chocolate on a comfy couch with a plethora of pillows.
(If Sublime was playing through the clip when u were should have turned the player at the bottom of the page down :) a haha ha ha :)
****If Plan A fails for any reason, abort and move to plan B.
Plan B


KLo said...

Hey, I thought this was my own personal creation : )

Haha, just kidding. It's true what they say about great minds, though ;)

sexypoet said...

i love this plan A and just might try this tomorrow while staying in my jammies all day. not sure if i can get the baby to watch elf as she is still kind of young but, i can always watch it during her naptime or while she is watching a DVD of her own in her playroom!

thank you for my special post! and i love the picture of jasmine trying to steal a marshmello from your cup. hehe

great songs on here tonight!!!!

Windsong said...

Just thinking about all that sugar made my stomach hurt. ;-) I love how your pictures tell just as much in the post as your words! Very nice. :D

Pen Pen said...

Klo- It would be funny if someone had been using our plan too! :)

Sexypoet- Let me know if it works for you! :)

Windsong- U can never have too much sugar! :) and thank u for the compliment!! I love taking pics tho I'm no photographer! :)

Kaylynn said...

I love plan B...wait, it's that a contraceptive too...oh well, there's nothing like a martini to turn a frown upside down!! Great post, Pen Pen!! Kisses!!

alissa said...

haha love it!
buddy the elf, whats your favorite color?

Matt said...

If plan A and B fail, try plan B again every half hour until you forget why you needed cheering up!

drollgirl said...

that girl is going through some very tough stuff. and your remedies are just PERFECT for getting rid of that down feeling. i love hot chocolate and don't even need the marshmallows getting in the way of my gulping. and elf? hilarious! and booze? sometimes necessary. sometimes VERY NECESSARY. my booze remedy is two shots of patron slammed back-to-back, and then as many corona w/lime beer chasers as needed. ya forget your problems in no time. :)

Awesome Sara said...

where the hell was my booze when I was down!!??!! although if you still those rotting fruit, i will take you up on the offer of thrwoing them at my boss and ugly coworkers.

Gosh I miss commenting on your blog. Not blogging for a few days is so weird and I feel Like I missed shit.

Pen Pen said...

U DID miss A LOT!!
I took pics in a crown, made a 'Scarface' joke, AND put new songs on my playlist! U should feel really...really out of the loop!
:) :)

Okay- so here's our first steps in the plan for taking down ur co-workers:

You: Go to Target and buy black track suit, ski mask, 2 baseball bats, and some trashbags-the big ones. Don't get this stuff from Walmart! ...Thosw people ask too many questions.

Me: I have already started my jujitsu training!

We will need a rendezvous point!

Sweetnothin' said...

plan B all the way...not much of a fan of chocolate

sexypoet said...

sweet~ you have me gasping here.. not a fan of chocolate? how can this be?

lotusgirl said...

Hear, hear about the marshmallows! Do you ever reapply?

Pretty Little World said...

This is fantastic, and I think that both plans have equal merit!

Also, my absolute favorite Third Eye Blind song is playing on your blog right now!

Charlie said...

It's plan B for me!

Matt had a great idea when he suggested recurring Plan B's.

Pen Pen said...

lotus girl-
I apply at least 8 times a day :) no less.

Pretty little world- Is it really?! It's my favorite song!!! I had never heard it till a couple of years ago when my boyfriend made me this mix cd and it was number 8! I was like, "WHAT is that song?!". From then on, I was obsessed! It's the best!!! :)

Awesome Sara said...

Penny, helz yes I have to censor my ass with NoahO!!! Do you how freaking weird it is that his is a minor. I feel all guilty on my blog!!!! LOL!!!!

Lynnette Labelle said...

LOL Too funny!

Lynnette Labelle

lightning in a bottle said...

love elf! will ferrell rules!

Hanako66 said...

Cinnabon is amazing.