Sunday, April 5, 2009

It's a Rainy Day in Neverland

I wanted to see 'The Haunting In Connecticut', but all I can find is BAD reviews! Sad- I've known about the true-side of that story for a while and was hoping they'd make it into a movie that did the whole thing justice...I guess that wasn't the case here. It freaks me out when stuff like this happens. I think, "These companies have SO much money to invest in doing a movie well, but they STILL screw it up royally!". Is there NOBODY there to tell them to stop and let them know that they're making total crap?!
I've noticed this phenomenon in many areas of life tho-- like in big companies where you'd expect that they'd invest in amazing training but don't--and nobody really knows what's going on-they're just cowering in their office hoping to have someone else to blame when the mess they made because they themselves had little to no training is exposed. OR- When a book comes out through a major publisher and is horribly written. I feel there should be editors out there, people who can recognize something being done wrong--or people who can point out the OBVIOUS and instigate change. ....All of this freaks me out cuz it reminds me of things I've heard about in the government--where the different branches, i.e. FBI, CIA, can't share info and such---
...then I start to think about my own writing-What if it's edited by someone who has NO idea what they're doing?! My first book is a ghost story of sorts and -if by another chance-the thing is made into a movie, I could get stuck with a writer/director/producer like this one. It's just sad- My faith in the quality that is out there has been shaken- more than normal.
Are all these people surrounded by "Yes" people or enablers who are just trying not to get fired by not saying anything to dispute a big-wig?!

It's not that I've always thought the world was perfect and trustworthy, but I HAVE always thought that larger publishing/movie making/ANYTHING companies would have MORE people to help edit, MORE to see the bad parts, and be even deeper invested in putting out quality because they have the money to do so.

This sux - Let's all move into Wonka's Factory and forget our problems! :)

Oh! Here's a cute pic of Jasmine Macaroon from today--I put this bird beanie by her and she hugged him! She does that a lot with her toys-especially the pink Peep!


Lady Glamis said...

Penny, have faith. :) It will be your choice whether or not to go with a specific publishing house, and hopefully you can do research to make sure it's a good one with editors who know what they're doing.

Did I scare you off with my last email? I haven't heard back from you. I didn't want it to feel like I was giving you homework to do or anything, and we can take a different approach if you like. I just wanted to see if the Inciting Incident might help clarify things for you. Hope to hear from you soon!

Pen Pen said...

:) No no - u didn't freak me out! I've only touched on my stuff the last couple of days cuz I was sick and had a research paper to write. Everything u said was helpful and I'll be going into it today :)

M said...

Be glad you didnt go watch that movie it is awfull!

Hope you find a fantastic publishing house, and an editor that does your work justice!

sexypoet said...

The whole reason people always say, "the book was better then the movie" is because it always is. I think the only case of this not ringing true is when the original writer adapts the book to a screenplay. (which is tedious work) There will always be changes made along the way. Truthfully, most authors get paid so well, they don't really give a rats butt over subtle changes.
In the case of the movie Haunting in Conneticut, I think the fact that it was based on actual events, it should have been left alone. First clue was watching what was done to the story on the Discovery channel. (the reenactments are always bad) I am thinking that the people sold out for the fist of cash and didn't care much beyond that since the studio was the only one to really gain or lose. Now if the studio had approached Rob Zombie to make it, it might have turned out quite differently.

LOVE the pic. of your kitty. I have 2 Siamese kitties too. They are Bluepoints. I have some pics of them up on my blog. (Blue and Smokey)

NoahO said...

Lol i have almost the same topic. I saw the movie...its not even review Hey hope you find a good could be the next stephen king!!!