Friday, April 3, 2009

Moonwalking In a Speedo

I'm feeling under the weather, but that hasn't stopped me from making this video portfolio for my model lil sis, Brittany!
I saw one of these on another models portfolio page, and hers was HORRIBLE! The songs she chose to go with it were...very strange to say the least- At one point, she had 'If I Were a Boy' by Beyonce....I like that song, but don't think it should accompany modeling pics unless ur trying to say in a non direct wayt hat ur a trans-gender model. I get the meaning of that song, but I still find it wrong in the portfolio situation---it's just.....bizarre-in a bad way....
----SO I thought, I can do better than THAT!!

Here It Is:
Model Video Portfolio: Brittany Binder

Click HERE to see her 'One Talent Source' model page.

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