Saturday, April 18, 2009

Chris Crocker Is My Personal Psychologist!

When my therapist, my friends, and my Scientology handbook can't help me fix my neurosis- I turn to the obvious answer: Chris Crocker.

CHRIS! Be my GBFF(gay best friend forever)! I love you cuz ur...
pretty boy perfection :)

**************Chris Wisdom*********************

How to feel better when you feel depressed:

When you feel alone on ur diet:

What to say to haters:

What to do if you're Codependent:

As one of my other BFF's, Anna, would say, "That kids on wacky crack!"
Here's Anna! ...and her DAUGHTER- Brittany! Yep--Brit Brit....
...These ladies have good genes---I want some of their stem cells :)


Bimbo147 said...

Thats hilarious!!!!!!
Oh,and I love your cat!!!!Be careful or I might steal it!!!Just kidding....or am I??

Kaylynn said...

You didn't put my fav Chris video up...b**** bell is the best!! "If you a real-a** b**** in a fake-a** world what do you do?" I love Chris Crocker!!

Pen Pen said...

Oh! ur right, KK! the b**** Bell is one of the best!!! :)

Awesome Sara said...

omg, at first i was like its that heidi gal from the hill, i didnt know she was a dude!!

oh about my n h on sara, i can't believe they mispell your name. like how could they???

Pen Pen said...

One person said it was cuz of the JC Penney store...but whatever-that can't be the only reason.

DebraLSchubert said...

Too damn funny! Thanks for introducing me to the genius that is Chris Crocker. I'm forever in your debt.;-)

Sweetnothin' said...

OMG.. is that first pic really a guy. Wow. thats all i can say

Pen Pen said...

All the pics are the same person. Chris is a gay guy who dresses like a woman.......AND he's prettier than me. :)