Sunday, April 19, 2009

How To Stalk Katy Perry

Does anyone else LOVE Katy Perry as much as I do?! ---I've reached an unhealthy level with my admiration. I've never fancied myself a stalker, but let's just call it what it is :)
She's vintage,
She plays the guitar,
She's more awesome than me AND Jasmine combined!

She used to be a Christian songstress(which I didn't know about till like 5 minutes ago), and is probably a main target for the same demographic that bombs abortion clinics--as evidenced by THIS VIDEO talking about her song, 'I Kissed a Girl', that was her introduction to the main stream music world.

I've been waiting for her video of 'Waking Up In Vegas'(if ur audio is on, ur listening to it NOW!) to come out, and it's ALMOST here!!!!
strawberry ring!
"I'm in a glass case of EMOTION!" :)Penny Meets Katy
Penny: "Can we share clothes, Katy?!"
Katy: "Could you scoot over a little?"
Penny: "Oh- Oh sure."
Katy: *squints* "Well, I gotta go. It was great meeting you."
Penny: *security guard holds me back from following* "Okay!" I yell after her, "I'll just wait here!" *Turn to security guard* "Do you think she likes me?!"
Security Guard: "Yeah...I'm gonna have to say no."

Reasons why Penny and Katy Perry should be friends:

1)She has a cat - I have my tiny terror, Jasmine Macaroon.

2) She loves Halloween nails - I love 'The Shining' which they always play on tv on Halloween.

3) She loves cupcakes - I make awesome cupcakes.

4) Sometimes she's sad - I got sad once when I dropped a cupcake.

5) She hugged a monkey - Jason got me a monkey from NASA.

Penny: "See what I mean?! We're meant to be friends!!" :)
"What do you think, Katy?!"
"oh, sure...I'll take your dirty plates back to the hotel kitchen. When I get back, can we watch 'Anchorman, The Legend of Ron Burgundy' together?!"
".....Oh. ....When I get back with the dry cleaning then?!"
"No? Well...Okay...pumpkin pancake social tomorrow then?! I'll get there at 4am and save spots to be sure we get seats next to eachother! Can't wait!!"

Click here to see Katy's Blog, Kitty Purry!


AZ said...

She's at minute 9 of her 15 minutes of fame.

Pen Pen said...


lotusgirl said...

ok. I agree. you should be friends!

NoahO said...

lol...sad Katy Perry...thats like finding an adorable Dakota Fanning!!
That pic with the glass case and money flying around looks awesome.

drollgirl said...

um, katy perry definitely needs you in her life! stat!!! maybe she will show up at your roller skating party? hopefully!

Pop Champagne said...

I would like to be in that money bin... with all the dollar bills flying around!

btw I just saw The Shining, it's so scary!!!

Big Red said...

I love Ron Burgundy quotes everyday!

Thanks for finding, reading and commenting on my blog. :)

Have a fabulous Monday!

Cupcake Couture said...

Omg, too funny!! I loovvee lovvveee cupcakes too :) The ring is from Dots, it's a local clothing shop around here, but thank you none the less, I love it as well! :)

Awesome Sara said...

i dunno if i like her. she's like trying to hard. her fame won;t last. sorry pen.

Pen Pen said...

no icicng on ur cupcake today, sara! :) just joking--I still luv ya :)

Alina said...

Funny Post!

Thanks for following my blog!

Kaylynn said...

I love you, Pen!! You're a hot mess and this post rocks!! You are so creative and cool...I wish all my best friends could be as cool as you ;) hehehe

Pen Pen said...

Let's be Best Friends Forever! :)

alissa said...

see totally soulmates. this is a fabulous post - especially because you included the glass case of emotion.
can we be threewaybestfriends? because id like on some of this. even if its you and me in a jail cell talking about what couldve been after we get caught trying ot run after her somewhere...

Pen Pen said...

OF course we can share a cell!! I think Katy would like us too--who wouldn't?!!