Thursday, April 16, 2009


"The best way to spread Christmas cheer is singing loud for all to hear....Why the hell don't you know that?!"

"I'm singing/I'm in a store/and I'm siiiiiingiiiiing!"
I interviewed the band, 'Where Vegas Lies' last night and it was very 'Almost Famous': There were vibes of acoustic anarchy, lyrical explorations of lusts and depravity usually reserved for those on acid, and magical moments that can only be brought on by trashing John Mayer.

... writing it in Sharpie doesn't make it true, John.
Chris D'Angelo(lead vocals/guitar in response to the question, What other bands/artists have you been able to meet? : "John Mayer is a DOUCHE! I met him and asked for an autograph. He walked away and said for me to buy something with his name on it. THAT, you can print!!"
:) I'll be posting links to the interview once it's published :)
I have a video of much of the practice/interview as well that I'll be cropping and posting in the next couple of days- so check back for that :)
Chris D'Angelo- lead vocals/guitar
Daniel Craine-lead guitar
Kyle Therkildsen- Bass
Kevin Hernandez - Drums

Brit Brit was there with me and I got an awesome pic of her...
Mock Brit Brit Reaction:
Brit: "I hate you right now. I look so lame."
Penny: " SO...submitting the pic to 'Vogue' was the wrong choice?!"
Brit: "..............what?!"

:) here's a good one of her so she's not TOO pissed I added the one above! ....BAM!!!!!!!!!!!
- photos via the Flicker account of Alan Gee and Brit Brits photo is from OneTalentSource


beth said...

You so remind me of Audrey from Audrey, Wait!

Pen Pen said...
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Pen Pen said...

I looked up the the book 'Audrey, Wait', and it kinda freaked me out. See clip below from what I read:
The dialogue sounds like you're really listening to conversations, especially those between Audrey and Victoria. (I laughed out loud when Victoria said twitterpated!) The book has a lot of musical references, ranging from classic rock to modern pop. Each chapter begins with a song lyric, citing the song title and band. Benway really captures how it feels before and after attending a really good concert, as well as during it. Listen to this description of Audrey and Victoria on their way to a show:

"[W]e were both sailing on sugar and french fries and adrenaline. We wouldn't be coming down for a while." - Page 88
...the chapters of my novel are titles after songs both classic rock and modern pop to rap that I love...and the main characters are based on my two best friends...I've also been told that my writing comes off as if you were able to peep a real conversation of snarky friends. Robin Benway and I should meet up at Voodoo Fest and collaborate on a piece.
I've been compared to a low key Diablo Cody and Bethanny Frankel from 'Real Housewives of New York' before, but I'm so flattered and I really appreciate ur comparison compliment(mini disco party in honor of me!)...unless it wasn't a compliment, in which case-"Me, my 2 best friends, AND my cat are super pissed at you!" :)

Stacy Nyikos said...

Wow, the other side of John Mayer, eh? Not so incredibly friendly. Is he regretting that now???

Jessica said...

Wow. Jon Mayer sounds really rude. That's too bad.

Awesome Sara said...

can't wait for the interview, make it pg-13, for noah.

♥GaGaDancer♥ said...

Penny,you are a really funny girl.I am following your blog after someone telling me about you.