Sunday, July 17, 2011

Walking Heavy: Vietnam War

Made this video for my dad-best person I know. Had 3 tours in Vietnam-Special Forces, Rangers, and then went to MAC V school and was a Long Range Recon small team soldier. They were behind enemy lines, highly specialized, and very brave.
War seems to write it's terrible name on the heart of everyone it touches, but I know the bonds made between soldiers there are the purest form of trust imaginable. It's an incredible thing inside of something unimaginably heart breaking.
I wish the quality was better thru youtube, but I'm still happy with it.

As to the meaning of "Walking Heavy", here is the origin-
"Heavy Drop" is a system of delivery of supplies in a military setting with a parachute. It was also the nick name of a close friend of my father's from the war who passed away about a year ago.
The term "Heavy" is also used in the military for machines that carry large loads on their own.
The large majority of the military operations done by recon soldiers is all on foot for days at a time.
"Walking Heavy" is a morphed term from all these things. If you walk heavy, you are weighted down by the things you hold inside yourself.


Charlie said...

I was just young enough to miss the draft of the Vietnam War. There's no one I respect more than a vet that fought, or continues to fight for our freedom. I thank them.

Your video is a moving tribute. Excellent job!!! You're a writer, a baker and now I find, a poet. Is there anything you can't do? lol

Pen Pen said...

Get a job with dental insurance! :)
Srsly tho-THank you so much! Incredible people make it easy to come up with a great tribute-they give us lots of inspiration. When I think about being inside some of the stories I've heard from him and others, I'm just overwhelmed.
I bet you would have come out with some interesting stuff to write on if you had gone! Probably still have some great content if u were experiencing that whole climate!

Nina said...

My Dad was also a Ranger in Vietnam and a Ranger Mom said he never talked to her about anything that happened, she said most husbands didn't...he was a different man when he finally came home and this video shows why.

Thank you so much for your post!