Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Today I feel a little crazy, and I know what will make shiz betta-

Jazz Hands!
and making all food rainbow-
all pop stars Katy-
a medical intervention of neon proportions-
leaving us in Wonka Vision-unstoppable and unable to fade.
The glitterati take over-
a tasty new life-loud in the best way-
jeweled, and unafraid of being called pretentious.
Space ship serenades,
and candy landscapes-no fear of cavities.
Marie Antoinette back to life with no furniture decorum.
Unafriad-armed with more than words and spellbound bar stamps-
no ink, all koolaid kitten tattoos leaving no regret.
Techno majesty rising to power- no party allegiance or lies.
Only the good kind of floss,
and candy cakes sans fondant,at our big fat gypsy weddings that end without a trailer or double standard relationship-It's all technicolor love.
Today, Refuse to be taupe!

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