Wednesday, June 2, 2010

First Macaron Attempt Status: FAIL

(Sorry about the bad coloring! They're really pink.)
My strawberry macarons came out burnt and stained with oil. They made "feet"-which define macarons, but it went down hill right after that. They came out of the oven and deflated like they were depressed and had no will to live- They're Sad Macs.
I'm not upset tho-It took David Leboitz a few tries to make macarons.
You have to account for a 5 batch learning curve. If it takes you less, go apply to Harvard School of Medicine and look in the mirror cuz ur Doogie Howser!
Potential Reasons why the macarons go post nuclear.
1) I mixed the batter more than 15 times in the "macaronage" stage.
2) They baked too long
3) Humidity
Get out of the amateur fails, macarons!
WHY can't you be more like your siblings below?
I'll get you next time, Macaron!
I got my recipe from this book-'I Heart Macarons'

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CAPow! said...

valiant effort! I'm waiting for that book to arrive in the mail so that I can try my hand at macaron baking