Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Coming Soon To A Theater Near You...

I'm editing a video I made of a day in the life of Jasmine. I'm titling the video: 'A Day In The Life Of Jasmine'. It's about...a day in the life of Jasmine.
...I don't think she resents me for being a stage mom and forcing her into stardom like Dina Lohan. She always looks so excited-yet relaxed in front of the camera-you can just see it in her eyes-the passion.
I'm doing edits and it will have to upload to Youtube-which takes a few hours, but I hope to have it up today-we shall see.
I DID take some screen shots of the video tho-as a preview for you!
Jasmine daily events:
...A LOT...
Rip apart random household items...like Christmas trees.
Sit on random household items...like Christmas trees.
Watch 'Oprah' with Mr. Peep.
Tell Mr. Peep you love him more than Penny.
Refuse to share any shot with the director.
Become violent and verbally abusive with the director, extras, and chairs.
Storm off set.
I'm excited to premiere this one! I anticipate an Oscar nomination!


Jessica said...

Ahaaa! Can't wait to see it. LOL

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Of course, holding the cat upside down like that you probably do smell something...hahaha!
Cats have it so good, don't they?

Kelly H-Y said...

Too funny! Looks like a potential award winner! :-)

lotusgirl said...

I love her storming off the set. Go Jasmine!

lightning in a bottle said...

you have a complete diva on your hands. i can't wait to see the vid!

Gabbi said...

Penny, your cat is ADORABLE!