Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Want to win the cookies Katy's looking at?!
THIS is your chance!
I'm hosting the giveaway of a set of the Cupcake Cookies you see above from 'The Facy Lady Gourmet' on ETSY!
...Katy Perry is not included in the giveaway...sorry! :(
Cute Hootie, right?!
ALL you have to do is leave a comment with your e-mail address and you are entered! If you go to her blog: 'Cupcakes and Corsets' and follow it, you will be entered a SECOND time! :)
The giveaway will last 3 weeks, and we will be picking a winner by random drawing on Tuesday, November 4th!
If you win, I will be sending you an exciting, sugar filled e-mail, and then you will get a set of THESE Cupcake Cookies in the mail free of charge! YAY!
If you worry that you won't win, or have an upcoming event in need of something whimsical for people to ooh and ahh over, you can order custom items by going to her ETSY shop, or her WEBSITE.
The bakery is owned by my friend, Amanda. She is a fashion designer who morphed into the sweet world of baking, and plans to open an exclusive cupcake shop in a few years. I cannot wait to make a road trip up North to take advantage of our friendship and rake in some confections like the...
Blossom Cupcakes,
and the Creamy Ice Cream Cone Cookies!
I'm sure Dita Von Teese will be a fan of the Baby Strawberry Cookies!
Each of her cupcakes, cookies, or sweet treats has a unique story! Even the name, 'The Fancy Lady' hails from the nickname her grandmother used for both Amanda and herself! So cute!

Here are just a few of her other cupcakes and cookies:
Mario Brothers Cupcakes
Cute Farm Animal CookiesChocolate Mint Cupcake TrufflesCustom Wedding Cake Cookies
SO- Leave me a comment for one entry, and then go follow 'Cupcakes and Corsets' for a second entry!
WHO do I want to win?! ME! ...but apparently that's against the rules...stupid rules!! But-If I can't win myself, I want YOU to win! Yes! YOU!!! The one I'm pointing to!! You look like you could use some sugar in your veins!


Emily J. Griffin said...

shut up! mario bros cupcakes? i love it!

The Fancy Lady said...

This is absolutely fabulous post i love it thanks for all the compliments and hey maybe your cupcake cookie dreams will come true! Your Birthday is coming up soon lol im gunna blog this today as well

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Well if there's sugar involved, count me in!

Maria Confer said...

What an amazing giveaway!! These treats are too pretty to eat.




my eyes are drooling as well!
Visual feast & I'm sure heavenly taste as well...

Gabbi said...

Yummy and ADORABLE giveaway dear Penny!! Please enter me... I'm off to visit Cupcakes and Corsets too!!! Double my entry please... please. :)

drollgirl said...

SATAN!!! oh, what a fabulous giveaway! alas i stepped on the scale this weekend and almost cried at the number, so i am on a diet! gah! i wish this giveaway had been a month or so ago!

Danyelle said...

Those are beautiful, beautiful muchables! I always get so hungry coming to your blog. O:)

Jessica said...

Yum, I SO want those chocolate mint truffle cupcakes! But I'll take cookies too. :-) Please enter me!

jessica_nelson7590 AT yahoo (dot) com

beth said...


Count me in!

bethrevis @ gmail.com

lotusgirl said...

Is it too late to enter? Yum! Where have I been all week.

DebraLSchubert said...

It's sad to think what I'd do to win cookies or cake. At least I know what a sugar-slut I am. ;-)

Princess Kaylynn said...

I'm in!!

Meg said...

Those are so cute! I'm in.


Stacy Nyikos said...

Even better than voodoo candles because I can eat them. Sign me up!


Dutch donut girl said...

Mmmm, yummie! Too bad I live in the Netherlands ;( Bad good luck to all of the other contestants :)

lightning in a bottle said...

twist my rubber arm, will you, dear?