Monday, October 12, 2009

Cupcakes, Kaylynn, and Skittles

Spent a FULL 24 hours with my BEST FRIEND FOREVER, Kaylynn(She has a blog too-'Princess Kaylynn'), in San Antonio!
AND- I totally FORGOT to get pics of US!! I'm so lame!!
So- Here she is!
and here's ME!
Pretend these pics are combined in ur head! :)

What did we do?! ...Who are you people?! Stalkers?! Paps?! Twitter addicts?!
Okay-I can't stay creeped out by all u blogging marshmallows!
Here's the Rundown:
Hot pink shirt spotted but not purchased--Should have gotten it! I'm gonna look for it here.
Now and Laters
Nail Polish
80s throw back off the shoulder black shirt

CUPCAKES(Funfetti!)- Check!
Lack of sleep-Check!

I miss her already!! :(

Do u have a best friend?!! Or-Are u still on the search for your friendship soulmate?! Please do share with the class!


Dutch donut girl said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Best friends are the best. Especially when one of them can make cupcakes :)

lightning in a bottle said...

there's NEVER enough time to hang out with your bestie.

i'm lucky. me and my best friend peggy (who've you seen many times on my blog) go back almost 14 years and counting.

we're looking forward to growing into lil' ole ladies (the cool, hip, huggable kind!)

glad you had a funderful time with kaylynn!

Jessica said...

Sounds wonderful! I have a friend from sixth grade. We haven't lived near each other since then but we still talk and we've visited each other.
Then I have a cyber writing pal who feels like my best friend but I've never met her.

Glad you two had fun!

The Fancy Lady said...

glad you had so much fun thanks for the uber long comment on the post for you love the cupcakes super cute .
I have "best friends" but i think i'm still in search of my friend soul mate

Mariah Irvin said...

All my best friends are at different colleges, so I've been sending them silly things. It's fun, but I still miss them :(

T. Anne said...

Your posts always make me hungry! BTW, I had a dog named Skittles once. Miss her!

Princess Kaylynn said...

Love you sooooo much!! You're so sweet!! I already miss you too!! And I'm pretty sure Kyle already misses you too :)

Awesome Sara said...

im seriosuly photoshoping my pic in between the both of you n pretend i was making cupckaes too

Danyelle said...

Your blog is always so yummy! Sounds like you gals had a blast. :D

Kelly H-Y said...

Sounds like a perfect weekend!

Pen Pen said...

Dutch Donut- They are! I'd fall apart if she was gone!
Lightning- Seriously! If we ended up losing our hubs one day, we'd probably live together and be co-dependent-agreeing with everything the other says! :)
Jessica- Two besties?! Ur a lucky lady!!
Fancy- You're welcome!!
Mariah- That's a sad thing! :( Me and Kaylynn were at different colleges and it was so depressing!!
T. Anne- THAT's a cute name!!
Kay- Me too! SO depressed!
Sara- You would!! :) U would have fit in there with us dancing in the kitchen and making a baking mess!!
Danyelle- We did have a blast!! The only way to make it better would be if u had been there!