Monday, July 6, 2009

Please God, If you can't make me thin, make my friends fat!

I've been working out lately and I thought I'd share my "process" with anyone else who might be looking for some helpful-personal tips!
The steps will be punctuated with pics of the gals that inspire me to workout- A crucial step for me-it's like looking at a goal!
Jessica simpson
First: Find out exactly what weight is healthy for your height!
I recommend this one :)
Now- Find out how many pounds u have to lose. You can estimate between 1-4 pounds a week(average for me is 1 or 2).
Get a cute daily planner(Mine's Hello, kitty!) and find out what date you should be halfway and all the way to ur goal.
I put a sticker in my calendar for every day that I work towards my goal!
Britney Spears(craziness!)
Now- Decide what type of exercise fits u(running, biking, swimming, etc.)
I jog 2 miles in the AM, and 2 miles in the PM-I like to split it up so it's not too much at once. It just helps me. YES- You have to wake up early to do the morning thing, but it only takes about 30 minutes, so WAKE UP!!
Katy Perry
When u first start, just start exercising after doing some stretches and go until u start getting tired. When u do, stop and walk until u have the strength to start jogging again. It took me about 3 weeks to be able to jog an entire 2 miles straight, and sometimes I still don't go for that long of a stretch. It's okay to suck for a while cuz u will eventually build up ur stamina and be able to go far-
Jade Nicole and Sara Jean Underwood
-so if ur next to an old person at the gym(I've been there!) and they're running WAY faster then you--don't go fast to look good. Slowly build up ur stamina. If u push too hard, you'll HATE exercising!
Zooey Deschanel
I also run on my treadmill while watching a show and/or movie- I love watching Newlyweds since Jessica Simpson is one of my inspirations body wise(well-skinny Jess).
And- Get used to being sticky and sweaty and taking a quick shower once or twice a day--Ur gonna feel icky and sticky A LOT!! But-it's a good thing! If it burns, it's WORKING!!
Britney Spears( the good years!)
So- I recommend to do 30 squats, 30 push ups, 30 lunges, and 150 crunches every day after u jog or whatever u do(Again- you won't be able to do them all one after the other at first. Take to time to rest when ur tired and then finish). I usually do my night run, take a shower, and THEN do the crunches and stuff since it give me the chance to rest a bit!
It's okay to slowly build up this area too- Even now-I do 20 crunches and then rest for like 30 seconds-then do 20 more. It's MORE important to go the distance than to get there fast. Focus on doing EVERYTHING correctly!! I recommend looking at youtube for instruction!!

Ashlee Simpson
Food: You want high protein-low sugar-low salt.
Penny's Diet:
Breakfast: I have a piece of spelt bread toast with sugar free blackberry jam and a green apple(the green apple dulls my taste buds a little and makes me not as hungry!
Sara Jean Underwood(....I know.)
Lunch: 4 pieces of turkey, a CLEAR soup(like chicken noodle-ORGANIC PEOPLE!!) and some watermelon(u can eats all the watermelon u want!! It's like swallowing a sponge!)
- I also take Chromium picolinate at this point in the day
It's a mineral and I take 800 mcg(This is what they put in Jamba Juice Fat Burner jambas! It's a natural appetite suppressant).
Also be sure to take a multi vitamin- and I take a flax seed oil!
Barbie Benton
Dinner: A chicken breast(I actually boil them with some herbs-it's the leanest way to have it done! ) and veggies like Broccoli, green beans or such.
Dessert: I freeze blueberries and eat a cup of them! YUM!!
Zooey Deschanel
If you go out to eat: ALWAYS get SOUP!! NOT creamy soup like tomato! Only liquid clear soups like hot and sour soup, egg drop soup, fire roasted tortilla, or chicken noodle soup! If there's NO soup, then grilled chicken and veggies or a salad!!!
Remember- ORGANIC, low salt, and low sugar and LOTS OF WATER!!
Zooey Deschanel
If I need a snack: I get a coke zero, sugar free gum, and buy a food flavored lip gloss like the one that smells like cinnabon-it's strangely satisfying to me!
Tip- When u finish each meal, start visualizing urself eating ur next one. (ex: at night, visualize the piece of toast and then an apple-when u get up- you'll go straight for THOSE and not get distracted!)
Megan Fox blue jean shorts!
I also have an outfit I want to wear that will fit when I reach my goal. I weigh myself each morning(before u eat or drink anything) and try on the outfit so I can actually SEE it getting closer and closer to fitting!
Tips: DON'T set a goal that is very soon - You want to make realistic goals so u don't disappoint urself!
At night when ur craving stuff:
-Paint ur nails! Do it every night if u have to.
-Make an jogging playlist for when u can jog outside! ANY Blackeyed Peas song is good, and Britney Spears, Ashlee Simpson, or Katy Perry are for sure on my list(I put some of my workout tracks at the top of the playlist!) It's good to jog outside sometimes cuz you get more variation in the ground incline-which works new muscles-and the scenery changes. I run inside/outside depending on the weather, time of day, and how I feel.(Make sure u stretch ur calves before u run-especially outside! Mine cramp after like 2 minutes if I don't do that!)
Sara Jean Underwood(Again-Yeah. I know.)
-Make berry tea! No sugar needed, and there's NO calories!!
-Do more crunches!
-If u must eat- Go for watermelon(but watch out- it's a diuretic!!--so go guzzle some water and u might not have room for more food!!)
Katy Perry
At the movies: pretzel- NO BUTTER-NO SALT!, pickle, or large diet coke! OR-Bring ur own snack in a big purse- like baked Lays chips-that's a livable little splurge!
Jessica! Love her hair!!
STOP making excuses and just go put the exercise clothes on and start stretching! It's easier to do that and just say--well, if I'm still exhausted when I get on the treadmill, I won't do it today. But- In all likelihood, it's easier to just start jogging once ur on the treadmill and have ur show on! -and don't set crazy goals. Just start jogging and when u get tired, walk some. You will eventually be able to run longer. It's okay to SUCK at the beginning!
Megan Fox!
Okay- LAST- but most importantly!
TAKE before pics of urself- front, back, and sideways!
Most of us have unrealistic pics of ourselves in our heads that are better than what's REALLY going on! You need to face the truth and start changing it today!
I have a friend who took a pic each week, and was able to make a flip book of her shrinking by the time she was finished!
Jessica jogging
If you lash out when on diets: I recommend lashing out at strangers like waitresses or people talking at the movies instead of ur loved ones who will hold it against you! :)

Anybody else on a diet/exercise plan?! Tips?! Ideas?!


Aimee-Beth said...

I have sugar-free jelly which I put strawberries and raspberries in when it's halfway to setting. I think you might call jelly jello in the US?

And when I'm in training I mix up my runs between jogging and sprinting - burns more calories and increases your stamina!


Danyelle said...

I love the idea of a flip book!

Ali said...

Wow. You're so detail-oriented...very impressive. Keep it up! :)

Awesome Sara said...

holy moly!! this makes me want to excercise!!! well maybe not right now, maybe tomorrow! i want to tone up, i'm already thin but i want to look awesome-er naked.

Jessica said...

wow, great tips! I do go to the gym to exercise, but my goal is to tone and create muscles. I'm in my recommended weight but I'm thin on top and bootilicious. Sigh. Working on evening myself out. LOL

Go you!

drollgirl said...

bah! you are a house on fire! you must be SLINDERELLA!!! there is no way i can do all of this, but i can certainly exercise a little harder and eat a little better!

Dutch donut girl said...

You are not alone my friend. I'm working out too and paying attention to what I eat because I gained weight during the winter months :-) What inspires me to workout is a picture of myself just before winter started ;)

Water is my new best friend and I eat a lot of fruit but I don't do diets. And it seems to work because I have lost 4 pounds in two weeks. YEAH!

But jogging is NOT my thing (I would die on the spot). I rather work out in the gym and I love to swim.

Go for it girl!

newlyweds said...

Great tips!!! I am currently doing the 30 Day Shred video, I love it because its only 25 minutes long, but totally kicks butt!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

WOW you run a tighter ship than that bitch Jillian on the Shred! Meaning...I love it. And SARA JEAN UNDERWOOD HOLY SHIT. So hot. I like guys, hot.

I work out with a mean asian bodybuilder trainer who makes me cry. And skinny cows have become my bff's.


Midtown Girl said...

Great inspiration!! And how cute is that planner - wow!

Excellent advice and I know you will meet your goals - XOXO!

Design Esquire said...

This is great inspiration for me. I'm trying to lose 10 pounds and really need the motivation. Thanks for all the great tips!! I foudn you through Awesome Sara.