Thursday, July 9, 2009

Knitta, Please!

I was driving around in Houston today--kinda having one of those days when I just feel nervous--then-when I was sitting at a stoplight, I saw a light pole in a sweater!
I 've actually seen this before-tho it's been a while. It's a street artist group called- Knitta, Please!
They "tag" things like door handles, lamp posts and other random things. I've seen pics of them having knits all over the world-
Here they are in Houston!
Pretty sure these are in New York

They've put up knits everywhere from The Great Wall of China to Vermont!
I don't know why, but street art is incredibly comforting to me. It's like a little hug!
Just like a cupcake!(I didn't make these cuties-just wish I did!)
The whole idea of street art has been on my mind for the last couple of days since Mariah - at Constantly Risking Absurdity- tagged me in a post about a 'Penny Lane' store she saw on a recent trip to Italy.
I went to Italy on a school trip in 11th grade and I remember seeing street art there. It was in Venice- There were little pictures of eyes on the steps! Here's the pic I took!(The pics are all pics of pics since I had no digital camera way back when-so low quality:)
Pretty!AND--for my writer friends- Here's my pic of a statue of Juliet in Verona!
Sorry u can't see her features :(
Ur supposed to touch her...chest...for good luck...yeah...I did it!
The wall going in to see her is COVERED in the names of lovers and couples. So sweet!
AND-Here's Dante Alighieri's actual home in Florence where he wrote 'The Divine Comedy'!
This last pic is just for Mariah!
The street art made me feel so good-I'm still feeling the effects! I think tiny links like that in ur life can be reassuring much like when you eat a certain food that reminds you of your childhood.
What is comforting to you in life?! I'd love to know!!


lightning in a bottle said...

aww penpen - you're so lucky to have seen verona. i love the franco zefferelli version of romeo and juliet and verona is on my places to see. lucky girl.

and the knitted poles and what not, so lovely! definitely a pick me up.

Jessica said...

That's pretty cool. I've never seen street art like that before.

Mariah Irvin said...

The street art in Florence was absolutely beautiful- I bought a watercolor there, not to mention taking lots of pictures!

Nice green door! I'm wracking my brain to remember where it's from.

Gabbi said...

I'd seen/heard about something like this before... but how neat to see it in person!

Ali said...

This post just made me happy, I love it.

Elizabeth Marie said...

Wow that is super cool woman. I've never seen anything like that.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I've seen that street knitting before. It pleases me that people are still making the effort to beautify. I think that every time I see a well-tended garden, too.