Monday, July 13, 2009

Summer Sprinkled Words Laced With Blackberry Jam!

Nobody in the lane, and nothing, nothing but blackberries,
Blackberries on either side, though on the right mainly,
A blackberry alley, going down in hooks, and a sea
Somewhere at the end of it, heaving.
With blue-red juices. These they squander on my fingers.
I had not asked for such a blood sisterhood; they must love me.
The high, green meadows are glowing, as if lit from within.
I come to one bush of berries so ripe it is a bush of flies,
Hanging their bluegreen bellies and their wing panes in a Chinese screen.
The honey-feast of the berries has stunned them; they believe in heaven.
-Sylvia Plath

"You need not expect to get your book right the first time. Go to work and revamp or rewrite it. God only exhibits his thunder and lightning at intervals, and so they always command attention. These are God's adjectives. You thunder and lightning too much; the reader ceases to get under the bed, by and by."
- Mark Twain - Letter to Orion Clemens, 23 March 1878
Strawberry Lemonade
Tarte Au Citron
I'm very inspired by nature today! Words that pour like rain water from a glass mug, velvet heels that feel like a lambs ear, Blackberry Cobblers that brown in the oven, Glasses of Strawberry Lemonade that goes down cool in the garden, Tarte Au Citrons that reflect the afternoon sun in their glaze, the pond by my house in the early morning fog.
They are naturally luminous!


Danyelle said...

Beautiful words, and gorgeous pictures. I want a home like that!

Ali said...

So lovely!

(Although I must admit - albeit embarrassingly - that the title of this post made me think that it was going to be about the phone. Glad I was wrong!)

Awesome Sara said...

is that a real garden??? its like those amazing gardens from fairy tales!!! penny, my sweet dear... there is no way i am cuter than you. and as for tangerine speedo, i thought i was the only one who loved that song and i heard on ur playlist and i knew i loved you. so kisses and poptarts baby!!! ur stuck with me!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh. Great quotes!

That garden looks like Eileen's (a fellow blogger) Beautiful.

Mariah Irvin said...

That tart looks soooooo good!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Once I found a blackberry patch in Iowa...I wish I had one here. Alas! Only strawberries and raspberries grow here so far.

Design Esquire said...

I love the Sylvia Plath poem! I read so much of her stuff in high school, she was really talented (although, she had her share of issues).

Thanks for visiting and commenting on my blog. I added a follwers gadget (I didn't know anyone would want to follow it). Thank you!