Thursday, June 18, 2009're freakin me out!

I recently discovered Emilie Simon(If ur speakers are on, ur listening to my fav of hers- 'Chanson De Toile'!), a French songstress who can weave together both the haunting imagery reminiscent of 'The Nightmare Before Christmas' and soft emotion that reminds me of Enya.
ALL of her music is CRAZY amazing, and her music videos are artistic and mesmerizing to watch.
She freaks me out, and I LOVE it!!
Here's the music video for: 'Desert'



Princess Kaylynn said...

#1: we will always be best friends!
#2: I will only be your personal chef if you're my personal baker :)
#3: I loves it too!!

drollgirl said...

ooooh!! this is sounding kind of cool!

not sure if any of these bands would be your cup of tea, but here goes: cocteau twins, dead can dance, portishead, i could go on and on. sorry if these are old or lame references!!! :)

Danyelle said...


The video was totally Nightmare Before Christmas, but she has a beautiful voice. Thanks for introducing her. :D

Midtown Girl said...

Sad Mac was the case chickie!!

Your Kittie is the cutest, loved the pics give & her a Bday kiss for me ;-)

The doggie daycare my pup goes to actually gave the pups a bday party for her when she turned 1, complete with pics - how adorable is that! XOXO

Dutch donut girl said...

Chanson de toile is absolutly fairy-taleish. And sexy. Or is it just me?