Saturday, June 6, 2009

Sugar Coma, Here I Come!!

That old guy in "Up" really had it right...Balloons are probably the best mode of transport to the place of your dreams...
If I had that many balloons, I'd go to Paris where they have-
L'Arc de Triumph,
Laduree Pastries,
Gourmet marshmallows,
Pierre Herme's strange pastry with what looks like Rosemary in it(my mom puts Rosemary on chicken!)...I' d still eat it,
Chocolate chickens,
La Tour Eiffel,
Tarts that have no possible way of being cleanly cut without fruit rolling off and all over the place,
Willy Wonka-esque trees with macaroons growing on them-Americans should really do this more- desserts were meant to be on trees,
Zen cakes...I certainly feel better looking at them!,
Baguettes directly in contact with tables and such(I saw a video in my high school French class that showed a French woman grocery shopping- She got a baguette and put it in the cart with NO bag-in fact, I've NEVER seen a baguette in a bag...what's up with that?! It the outside not permeable by germs?!,
French Pigeons!!
"Bonjour, mon petit ami à plumes!",more pastries at Laduree,
even more possible sugar headaches that promise to hurt SO GOOD!,
PENNY candies!!!,
La Salon Du Chocolat!,
where there's animals carved out of solid blocks of chocolate!,
and even cop glasses made from chocolate!
I smell BACON!!!! all I need is balloons.....and helium....
I told Jasmine about the balloons...she looks concerned... :)
...but then she got distracted by a cupcake-She always has to "nose" them! :)
Je t'aime, mon petit chaton!


sugar&spice said...

oh the things i'd do for macaroons & i've never seen them so colorful! the french so would....yummy post!

lightning in a bottle said...

i love paris. you really must go...

Princess Kaylynn said...

OMG...did you put the soundtrack from French Kiss on here?? I love these songs and that's one of my favorite movies of all time!!

Pen Pen said...

K- The first 2 songs are from the soundtrack!...and OMG! U love that soundtrack too?! We should be friends!!

Midtown Girl said...

Those pictures as soo decadent!! I have such a sweet tooth!

ps. - rooftop lounge was for a date, - but next time im up there with my gf's, I will def share pics :-)


lotusgirl said...

I totally love that Eiffel Tower picture! Slick!

You have to go to Paris some time. It's an amazing place. The river! The bridges! The monuments! The street lamps! The FOOD!!!! You have to have le chocolat chaud chez Angelina. It's right by the Louvre. Completely decadent.

Pen Pen said...

loutsgirl-- I'd love to see pics of when u were there if u have any!! :)
I saw some pics at another blog from chez Angelina- of a chocolat chaud and a Mont Blanc that looked insane!! I've been in love with Paris since I was little. My mom would play French records, decorate in French country style and read me books like 'Madeline'. Her family hails from France originally, and I love feeling a connection to a place that is so beautiful and seems to almost sparkle on it's own. :) I should start dieting now tho--to be ready for all the pastries and macaroons i will ingest one day when I'm there! :)

DebraLSchubert said...

PenPen, You win the prize for best pics on a blog. I've wanted to go to Paris my whole life - this post just reinforced that dream! Jasmine looks pretty in pink, btw.;-)

Amanda said...

Nick and I went and saw that the other day. Let me tell you- I'm tempted!

Karen Amanda Hooper said...

SUCH A GREAT POST! And so colorful. :) Though now I'm really craving something sweet and I'm stuck at work. :(

Danyelle said...


I love your photos. :D And your sense of humor. It's amazing what's out there. I'd have never thought of chocolate sunglasses. :)

drollgirl said...

good lord girl, you are making me salivate!!!!

p.s. tell jasmine i said hello. oh. and tell her that jasmine is the only perfume scent i ever like.

Hanako66 said...

can I please go with you? :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

I am away from blogland for one day, and I miss what just might be one of my favorite posts by anyone ever.

I'm starving. All these things look so fabulous they seem like they'd be calorie free. Right?

Lets take balloons to Paris...and then come back as balloons. :)

Paris Pastry said...

I so love that Dior commercial with the balloons. It's paints a great picture how it feels to live in Paris :)

Mademoiselle Frou-Frou said...

everything in this post is so pretty - especially the laduree pieces!!

alissa said...

mmm yummy photos. I want to see UP!