Friday, June 5, 2009


Click here to visit Kaylynn's brand new blog,
We've been best friends since we met on her first day of high school and she's the Romy to my Michele...
the Thelma to my Louise!
Here we are!Here she is with her boyfriend, Kyle rocking the shades!
Kaylynn Loves:
Indie Bands, like The Kooks(ur listening to them now!),
(- She would actually be an amazing talent scout. There have been a few times over the years where I hear about a band or song from her and then-6 months later- that song is exploding onto the mainstream charts!-)
Audrey Hepburn,
Interior Design,
Grey's Anatomy,
being perfectly and stylishly dressed(she's rarely in casual clothes),and BUNNIES!
Be sure to follow her blog, cuz she'll take ur life and cover it in magic and awesomeness!! :)


Dutch donut girl said...

You sure know how to promote a blog :)

Miss Fabulous here I come.

Princess Kaylynn said...

Thanks, love!! That was so sweet and so's like you have known me forever!!

And to all my new friends, please stop by my blog!! Thanks!! Hugs!! Maegan said...

awe, yay! It's so fun to share blogland with a friend!!! ..and talk about all the other bloggers as if you actually know them

Jessica said...

That's so sweet of you. I'm going to check it out now.

drollgirl said...

this is such a nice post -- you are a great friend to her! i'll run over and check out her blog right now. :)

Elizabeth Marie said...

Yay I love when my real friends start blogs! If she's your bestie, she must be amazing...going to check her out!

You're such a sweet heart btw, your comments are always so heartfelt and mean a lot :)
xoxo cupcake!

Danyelle said...

Yay for your friend! I loved your meet and greet post. As always, you amaze me with your talent and humor. :D

lightning in a bottle said...

welcome princess kaylynn to our absurd and wonderful community!

newlyweds said...

What a fabulous way to introduce Kaylynn!!! I am proud to say she is my cousin and I have literally known her since the day she was born. Love her!!!
Nice to "meet" you also Penny! I've heard tons about you.

Gabbi said...

What a sweet post... best friends are important.

Will be checking her blog now. I love bunnies! :)