Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Philly D TV

PhillyD is one of the biggest gems I've ever found on-line. Kaylynn told me about him,and he does videos about what interests him that day, and cracks me up every time.
You can subscribe to his Youtube channel HERE-
or go to his website HERE.
The guy at the end of the videos with the interviews on the beach is KassemG, and you can subscribe to his very own personal YouTube channel HERE!

Even Jasmine LOVES his show!
Here she is watching with me
That crazy Philly D!


lightning in a bottle said...

he's funny. listening at work although it's NSFW :)

great find. thanks for posting!

lightning in a bottle said...

good luck! rock the interview!

parkaveprincess said...

aw so, so cute!

Awesome Sara said...

if jasmine likes him, i will too!! thank you so much for helping me with my couch dilema. the reece choice has the best "synergy". Thanks kitten!

Emily J. Griffin said...

pen, what's with the adding and taking away posts? the one this morning had me worried about you. everything ok?