Thursday, May 21, 2009


You sit on a throne of lies.


lightning in a bottle said...

i love that you made good on this quote from the movie elf!

i for one have never watched american idol past the auditioning stage. blech.

Awesome Sara said...

if those boys are the throne of lies let me sit on them!!!! yummy!!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

HAHA I have no words for last night...

I think you're so right about the patch/Johnny Depp thing...finally he will be mine!

sexypoet said...

adam got robbed for that title.. ya know what though, he's much better off not being the idol. he'll have more creative control over his album and he'll have better success then kris. (who will most likely fall into obcurity much like taylor hicks did once the novelty wears off)

how friggin awesome was adam with kiss and OMG friggin queen!!!! queen is my second fav. band of all time, just behind pink floyd..

overall, the show was awesome lastnight.. what would have made it better would have been will smith coming out to sing his song.. go check out his site and read about it..

Pen Pen said...

lightening-- elf can be used in pretty much every aspect of my days:)
sara-- :) cover that little mis-western farm boy Kris's ears! He can't handle all ur hotness! :)
Elizabeth-- I was SO shocked last night! I'm mad.
Sexy-- I KNOW!! I loved it!! Kiss and Queen! I wish they would have done the extended stuff with the 'Champion' song(u know what I mean?)
...and ur right about the fact that he'll have more creative license! I want him to be totally Adam-ish on his album, so it's good. BUT- My dad and I watch Idol together-it's one of our things we do together, and when Ryan said it was Kris, my dad and I looked at eachother with huge eyes andboth of us had a hand over our mouths! Now- my dad is pretty conservative, so he wasn't too much of a fan of the pics of Adam floating around, but he voted for him!
He said he thinks maybe all the middle of the country republicans didn't vote for him cuz of the pics maybe. I dunno-but whatever it was, it was shocking. Even Kris knew it was Adam's crown...
I'm gonna go check out the Will smith thing u mentioned! I love him! I still dance to his MIB song! :)

drollgirl said...

you'd have to put a gun to my head to make me watch that show! but i think i am the only one in america with this grouchy outlook on that damn show.

Pen Pen said...

drollgirl-- a haha! You DO have one other supporter of the 'Hate Idol' fan club- My boyfriend!!
He doesn't even like to hear one word about it. His hatred runs deep! :)

I understand hating something lots of people like tho--Twilight!! It's an embarrassment to me as a writer.
My bf is a music man, so I think he feels that same way about idol.
WHen ur ignorant to what is technically "good" like I am with music, you get excited about low class things in that area I think...

sexypoet said...

OMG.. i just realized i wrote will smit. haha it was will farell. LOL

here is the link for what i was talking about.

Amanda said...

You crack me up lady.