Saturday, May 30, 2009

Good News!

...I have a new blog topper! You've probably already seen it by the time u read this :)

I polled a few people to see if it was a good idea. Here are the responses:

Gwen Stefani wants to roll around on it. Strange and un-hygenic, but positive.
These cupcakes didn't say much, but they're glow is for sure the equivalent of a thumbs up.
Willy Wonka didn't make much sense, but I'm counting his comment as approval.

Wonka:"Well, well, well, two naughty, *nasty* little children gone. Three good, sweet little children left."
Penny:"...sooo...Is that a yes to the topper?!"
And last- It made Jasmine go to sleep...I'm not counting her vote....
Final Stats
Yes: 3
No: I said I wasn't counting Jasmine!...Okay! Fine! She's gets 1/2 a vote.


Jessica said...

Cute. I think it fits your style of blog.

Lady Glamis said...

You just crack me up! I think it looks very colorful and happy! Good job!

Reason Reanimator said...

lol! Especially to Gwen Stefani's response.

I think both names are/were cool, but this one's probably easier for people to remember. ...And now I keep singing the Penny Lane song in my head!

Dutch donut girl said...

It looks great!

drollgirl said...

you are so funny!!!! and so unique! i love your style and your sense of humor! my first laugh of the day comes THANKS TO YOU!!!

lotusgirl said...

I love it. It's just right for you.

Awesome Sara said...

I like it!!! theres so may things to look at!!!

Pen Pen said...

Jessica-- Yay! I gots to keep it in the Penny Style! :) I've had the nickname 'Penny Lane' since I was little, so I thought I stamp my blog with it- I love it...I've also gotten 'Money Penny' a lot :)
Lady G-- Thanks!! :) I love things that look happy! I'm a big fan of the dark side too, and a friend pointed out that it wasn't really representing that side of me, but I'll just say that If I was a treat--- I'd have a dark chocolate center, but my candy coating would hot pink :)
Reason-- :) My Dad told me when I was 6 that the Beatles had come forward in time in a time machine, met me, wrote that song about me--and then they went back to the past and recorded it. --Seriously!
Dutch Donut-- :) YAY!! I'm really happy with it!
Drollgirl-- :) Perfection! --and the last smile of my day comes thanks to YOU! :)
Lotus-- :) If I could live my life inside a peep, I would! :)
Sara-- :) Squirrel!! .....Butterfly!! ....Goggles!!...Sorry- I got distracted-- Gracias Lolita!! :)

lightning in a bottle said...

it says so much about you without any words. and penny lane? love it.