Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Want to See Something Amazing?!

Let me set the scene:
My Dad and I watch American Idol together. It's a guilty pleasure for both of us and we spend most of our time pointing out the bad aspects of all the performances and agreeing with Simon.
We were doing this tonight until Adam Lambert came onto the stage.
He was sitting alone in the dark with a blue spotlight, and then a ballad rock version of 'Mad World' started to play. Both my Dad and I were silent, transfixed by his AMAZING SONG CHOICE('Mad World' is one of my favs and was used in 'Donnie Darko' as well as in a Gears of War Commercial!) and his Elvis lip curls accompanied with glam high notes that were floating from him into the PERFECTLY chosen intense stream of blue light . It was an experience, and something you don't see very often - ORIGINALITY.
We were both staring at the screen long after he lowered the microphone and Simon gave him a standing ovation.
Watch this! You will love him!
'Mad World' : Adam Lambert - American Idol

His self-awareness of who is as an artist just radiates.
ADAM Lambert, THAT was a SHOW!! Gracias!! :)

--my only complaint was that the second line in the actual song by Gary Jules is "Bright and early for the daily races", not "going nowhere for the daily races"...maybe it can be sung a different way tho--it really doesn't matter and the only reason I noticed the difference was because I know the song so well....


Magic Pants Jones said...

I'm not normally an Idol watcher, but that was a nice performance, thanks.

Oh, and you made me dig because I always thought that was Interpol, and as I was googling, I found out Gary Jules was covering this Tears for Fears song when he sang Mad World. I don't like the TFF version as much, though.

sexypoet said...

i am sooooooo glad you posted this today and saved me the trouble of having to check youtube. my freakin TIVO only set for 61 minutes. (which happened to be at the end of matt's performance) i completely missed adam's and was really pissed. me and my mom watch together but over the phone since we live in diff. states. she teased me lastnight for missing adam due to getting sidetracked and not watching the show live like a normal person. lol

Marie said...

Bonjour! Hey thanks for visiting me the other day, appreciate your nice comments :0

Luv Adam Lambert as well and I'm so glad that Simon gave him a standing O! He's originally from here in San Diego and I heard from locals that he is a genuinely nice guy, so rooting for him.

Pen Pen said...

Magic pants-- I had no idea that was a 'Tears for Fears' tune- wow...I clicked on ur link to the original- I didn't like it either-It sounds industrial. BUT- that just shows u how u can take a song and make it ur own. I think it works better as the demented lullaby Jules put it to--The 'Tears' version reminds me of the pre-recorded background tracks they put that Heidi Montag's horrible songs to.

Pen Pen said...

I'm glad I'm not the only one who watches it as a tradition with family :) My quirk feels normal now! and that's SO sweet how ya'll watch it over the phone! I had to go to a concert I was reporting on for this new music reporting gig I got last week and my dad DVR'd Idol for us to watch when I got home :)

beth said...

Oh, I LOVE this song. LOVE it. And he did justice for it. I liked how he used the chair as a prop. Just beautiful. Thanks for sharing--I don't watch Idol, and I probably never would have seen this otherwise.

Awesome Sara said...

i don't watch american idol. so i haven't the slight clue whats going on. but i like this song!

Awesome Sara said...

i don't watch american idol so i havent a clue whats going on, but i dig the song!

alissa said...

hes fcking awesome. i love him.
seriously thats not even a competition in the slightest - hes so much better than the rest!