Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SNL is funny again...for a brief moment

Does anyone else think SNL has SUCKED lately?!

Well...except for the Palin Rap (If u haven't seen this yet, STOP now and GO WATCH IT!!! - U won't regret this!) skit and the Justin Timberlake-Beyonce dance.
minor aside:
"WHat's that u ask?!"My Eyebrow raises. "Am I a Republican since I'm from the South, my parents are both Louisiana swamp babies and I was raised Southern Baptist?!" Lips pout. "No - I'm Libertarian. 1) cuz I love Obama- He's an amazing speaker(just like my southern Baptist preacher-Dr. WIsdom! -Yep! Wisdom!, but he reminds me of myself in that I always feel he's trying to spend all his time making sure he doesn't piss ANYBODY off.

Obama: "Yay! Everybody LOVES ME! The media loves me,
Europeans love me, Antarctic-ans love me! A-MEN!!"2) I can't be Republican cuz I'm from Texas and Bush is from Texas, so if I ever said I was republican, I would have to spend an hour trying to defend my state from the rest of the world thinking we're all 5 years old like him! ...and Elizabeth Hasselback would probably punch me cuz I'm pro-choice and such :)

Bush: "Nuc-ler."
...Will another state take him off our hands?! ...Please?! ...No really.....We're willing to throw in ALL the weed in Austin AND Matthew mcconaughey to make this happen!
Naked bongos anyone?! ...California?! ....Ohio?! ;)

BACK TO MY POINT--------------------
SNL sucks EXCEPT -- Hello, Shiny Bright skit of Angelina Jolie and Madonna's BABY WAR!!
HILARIOUS!! -and the impressions are dead on!

no worries tho--- I have MY OWN SPACE BABY! -and she's NOT up for adoption! :)


Bleach Brown said...

Nice bangs Penny. Great post, we'd read more but pink makes us nervous.

Keep it up hooker

Awesome Sara said...

snl has sucked a lot lately!! i can't be republican bc i have a soul. obama is bugging with this european junk. its like why don't you actually make a change instead of going on fucking vaca. is that where my tax $$ is going?? to fucking europe and to dress his ugly wife in even more ugly outfits???

sexypoet said...

personally, i don't think SNL has been funny since will farrell left. they had other great players but, they are all gone now too. since the beginning of SNL, there have been some really great cast times and times when it was unwatchable like now. if it doesn't get cancelled, they will find some really great ones again.

as for the political.. i have found myself debating against myself at times. fact is, i have to stand behind and support any commander in chief of this country because we are an active duty military family. i might hate what they stand for and everything they do and believe but, i still support them. because of bush, my husband has been sent to war 4 times already and is expected to head over to afghanastan for his next deployment. he hasn't even come back home from iraq yet. i don't agree with war and i hate that my husband usually has to leave us for a year each time he goes. (except this time) BUT, i still have to support the man in office because he is the man that puts money in the bank for us every month and fights hard to make sure we get alot of pay raises thru the year. (military is the hardest working and most underpaid occupation)
anyway.. done chattering.. i do agree with sara about the vacation crap though.. umm does this friggin guy know that we are in a major recession? use skype you ninny!


I prefer to watch MAD tv more than SNL! Channel surfing between both sometimes...I'm dangerous like that!

drollgirl said...

ok, you are killing me. i would want to dump that bush fella if he was from my state, too! he is horrid. and matthew mac....bugs, so it would be no great loss to get rid of him in the bargain!

and your kitty is cute. so cute!

NoahO said...

Lol thanx for the heads up about the Palin Rap...and the Madonna/Angie war!!!LOL

Rena said...

At least you can daydream about how funny it was during the political campaigns

clorivak said...

snl does suck now!! and i don't know if you've watched the jimmy fallon show or not yet,but i think it sucks too...he's not a good interviewer at all, he's not engaging whatsoever. i think he's too full of himself or something, not funny at all.
and yes what cutie your baby is!!! :0)