Thursday, March 12, 2009

Writing, Reminessing, and the Magic of NoDoz

When I write, I have to have background noise. I usually put on a movie I've seen before and turn the volume as low as I can while still hearing the words. The music and mood of the movie has to be reflective of the mood of the piece I'm working on or else my writing makes no sense(outside influences sneak into my writing), AND it has to be a movie I've already seen or else I'll start watching the movie instead of using the helpful vibes from the movie to help my writing glide along.

TODAY- I played 'Miss. Potter'(story of Beatrix Potter who wrote 'Peter Rabbit' and other children's books) while writing a scene between my main character and her best friend. It was fun, light, and--when I finished I started thinking about when I read Beatrix Potter's work as a child.

'Jemima Puddleduck' was one of the first "chapter books" I read and my experience with it pushed me forward.
I had this very sweet, very smart friend named Rachel when I was young, and she would spend the night at my house quite a bit. One night, after we had each taken a shower, my mom rolled our hair in rags(you put gel in wet hair and roll up pieces of fabric that are then knotted at the end-in the morning, you have curls--it's just like sponge rollers, but old school). While Rachel was having her hair rolled, she read 'Jemima Puddleduck' aloud. There are a couple of big words in the book, and I had not read it on my own as of yet. When she finished, my mom complimented her on reading so well.
I was upset. My mom hadn't meant to make me feel insecure, but Rachel was ALREADY better than me at math and the spaces between us were beginning to feel sore to me. It was pure insecurity on my part, and I still pretty ashamed of being so ELEMENTARY school!
BUT-It pushed me to latch onto one one passion--the thing that I felt came naturally to me and I felt was not something that could be eclipsed by anyone who might learn faster then me: my writing and reading.
I began to read the dictionary(I know-weird), and re-wrote short books-changing them as I saw fit.....and I looked up every word in that 'Jemima Puddleduck' book! I am thankful to that book for giving me what I consider the beginning of my literary spark.

Here's just some other random things from my day...

My FAV!!! character of Potter's- Benjamin Bunny! He's full of mischief, a cousin to Peter Rabbit, lives in a tree, and his mom's name is Josephine(my grandma name who is sadly no longer with us...breaks my heart-I so want to know her.)

A vinyl record of 'The Tale of Benjamin Bunny' being read---LOVE it! WANT it!

The pic Potter painted for her fiance(and PUBLISHER), Norman Warne before his untimely death just before their marriage...

When I have a kid, I want to have a mural of Beatrix Potter characters to be on the walls. (I'm so afraid of not being able to--I've had bad Endometriosis in the past, and that can cause infertility--and u can't know till u try to have kids and can't-LAME!)

-Sacred Art

Other randomness:

Me thinking about head started to I gave up.
Say hello to the reason I graduated from college AND finished my book--NODOZ!! MANY people say it's bad(including my mom), but it's JUST pure caffeine and I recommend it to anyone who needs a pick me up to stay up writing or studying- but doesn't do coffee(if u only take one, there's not caffeine overload!) AND-it's better than using diet pills to give urself energy for a workout!

Most of the time when I write, my kitten, Jasmine Macaroon, is on my lap. It's getting harder to type with her there, but I can't kick her out!...I feel bad...She's a people lover...and she' s so cute!


Anonymous said...

Hi Penny,

THNX for the tip rented the movie gonna watch it this weekend!

I also turn on the telly when I am working the background noise is relaxing.

Have a nice weekend!!!

Lady Glamis said...

I love Potter. I love that cookbook (I own it, too) and I hate NoDoz. That stuff makes me really loopy. Hehehe. I like white noise, too. But silence is usually best. Complete silence, that is. Which is impossible around here.

Cute cat!

Pen Pen said...

That whole movie has some great pics...and some hilarious quotes I love like, "What's with TODAY, today?!"
Oh! Fun fact: Renee Zellweger made that movie soon after leaving Katy where she went to Katy High School- I went there too and we were apparently both hated by the same 11th grade English teacher. She gave me an assigned seat way in the back by the door and would walk by me and say, "That's the same seat Rnee sat it." You'd think maybe she was trying to make me excited, but truthfully she hated me for coming in late every day--and I got the feeling she put me in the back to be away from her. She liked all the people in the front.