Sunday, March 22, 2009

Randon Sharks, Guitars and Jasmine Macaroon

This pic really scared me today--I just...WHAT'S WRONG with that person?)

Jasmine close to passing out.

OOH!!! I've just had my first guitar lesson!! I got and Acoustic guitar from my Aunt Joan(Thanks again Aunt J!!). I'm going to try to make a video of my progress--mostly to show that you CAN learn SLOWLY and really suck for quite a long time before being able to really play....I only know 3 chords as of now, but I can't move my fingers to them without looking taking like 30 seconds to remember where the fingers go.

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M said...

Maybe the guy inthe picture is nearly blind and tought he was petting a dolphin ;)

And your cat is just to cute for words!

Goodluck with the guitar lessons!!!