Thursday, March 26, 2009

Painting by Emmy Lou: Animals

I was able to take some pics of my sister, Emmy Lou's artwork today. These are just a few of them. I decided to go with an animal theme for this post.
All of her work is free hand:)

Here's Emmy-

Animal Paintings by Emmy Lou :)
Here is Jasmine checking out a painting of our other cat, Socks.
Peter Rabbit is given medicine by his mom.

Peter Rabbit in his blue coat.An orange Tabby cat.



Anonymous said...

WOW! Her work is amazing! I love the Peter Rabbit the best!

Pen Pen said...

Thanks you so much for checking them out! I love the Peter Rabbit as well- She did that for me because I love Beatrix Potter:)

Sweetnothin' said...

yeah i agree the little Peter Rabbit looks great but i have to say that i absolutely love that Orange Tubby. he looks so cute and adorable sleeping i wouldnt mind having that painting......

Pen Pen said...

:) You are too sweet!! Ur name gives u justice!
I love her work too and I've toyed with opening her an ETSY account over the last few weeks. She has so many pieces, and whenever I ask her for a certain theme, so does it--so she'd be great with --i guess what you would call "requested" pieces. She isn't working right now, but she LOVES to work! She cleaned tables at Fudruckers here for like 5 years and was SO proud to be part of that--they dropped her because of "budget issues"-She had never taken one sick day and worked harder than anyone I've ever seen. It kind of broke her heart. I would love to see her able to generate at least a little bit of an income that was totally her own-with her natural talent-It would mean so much.
:) I'll let u know if we can get her an ETSY account and u can come check out the merch :)